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I love Moon Tiger - it may be in my top 10 novels, or at least my top 20. If you like it this much already, I expect you'll love the whole thing! Looking forward to your updates.


Now that's what I like to hear! :) It means I am indeed in store for a literary treat. So far it seems to have everything--wonderful writing, interesting characters and a story of a remarkable woman's life! I am sure this will be a 'why did I wait so long' read! (I have owned the book for a very long time....).


I have read and very much enjoyed Moon Tiger but it was so long ago that I can hardly remember what it was about so I'm not sure if my opinion counts as a recommendation. All I am really left with is the memory that I really did enjoy it which made it a rarity among prize winning novels of the time most of which left me baffled or irritated!
I suppose that means that I need to re-read it!


I'm getting really depressed. Everyone I am visiting today seems to be talking about books or authors I have been meaning to read but just haven't managed. Sigh. If only I could retire now and spend 8 hours a day reading books then maybe, maybe I could put a tiny dent in my list.


I have that same problem. I read a book and can recall if I enjoyed it but details always begin to fade far too fast! I do think that is a recommendation, however. If you had disliked it I am sure that would stay with you as well. I can totally see how it won the Booker but at the same time it is an easy book to get into and enjoy!


That is wishful thinking on my part, too. I have SO many books that are books 'I want to read right now' but it is so easy to get off track--library books that come in, books you need to read for review, books that just seem to open up and drag you in.... Not enough time for them all. Which other books are you wishing you could also be reading at the moment?? ;)

Claire (The Captive Reader)

Lively is amazing. I'm actually reading Moon Tiger right now, after finishing a reread of Cleopatra's Sister earlier this week. Time reading any of her books is always well spent.


You are right-she is a wonderful writer and I totally agree that reading time in her company is definitely well spent. Now I might have to start collecting her books, too, though I know I have several which are scattered about--will have to collect them and put them together on the shelf. I like Claudia, but she seems quite prickly. I have yet to meet the man she falls for during the war, but I think I am getting close.

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