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I love books like this.

Hope you have a good trip!

Joan Kyler

Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, we used to vacation at Triangle X, a dude ranch in Moose, WY, in the Grand Tetons. It was wonderful, so beautiful, so peaceful. It was run much like the ranch in this book, with students as wranglers and guides and dining room staff. We met the most interesting people there. One of the staff was Ansel Adams' grandson, another guest worked at the Smithsonian, Marlin Fitzwater, Reagan and Bush's press secretary came for a day, we met people from England and France. I hope you have a relaxing and COOL visit!


I know I would enjoy reading this.
I think I mentioned Charlie Eagle Plume's place last year when you wrote about Estes, so, forgive me if this is a repeat, but, you might want to check out Eagle Plume's, which is just before Estes Park. The cabin has a good deal of history and was originally built and run by a woman from Kansas.


what a wonderful book! I like how you read things about Colorado to get yourself primed for the vacation :)


I am getting a little ahead of myself as I don't actually go until the end of August, but it is never too early to think and dream about it, right? Hopefully it won't be too hot but still pleasantly warm. I am even making mental book lists of what I will take with me--as if I am going for a month and not a long weekend only!


That sounds like great fun. I didn't realize that places like that still exist in this sort of way. I have never been to the Tetons but I am sure I would love it there, too. I think a lot of students/particularly Europeans go these places like Estes to work and see something of the US. I would in their shoes. And I think the national parks in general draw lots of travellers from abroad, too! Yes, please COOL!


Thanks for the link--you may have mentioned it but now it is gone from my mind. Their is an original cabin right next to that little museum in Estes that is the same thing--you can see how settlers originally lived--I love places like that. I will have to see if we can get there--I am sure my mom would love it, too, as she enjoys just those sorts of places--thanks for the heads up!!


Yes, I am glad I waited until now to read it. It puts me totally in the mood. I love these sorts of books--I would love to find more that have diary excerpts as well as photos and other ephemera to give a sense of time and place. The gift shop where I bought this also had a local cookbook with lots of local illustrations that I could not afford last year--maybe that will be my splurge this year!


This does look like fun!


You're welcome.




I love books like this--nothing like visuals to enrich a story!


There used to be a casino like you describe in Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI (the beautiful building is still there and is now used for "functions"), with no gambling. You went there to be seen by "The Right People."


Isn't that interesting? I wonder if there is a book about these sorts of resorts--it is fascinating social history if you ask me. And it must have been a social highlight of a vacation really to go to these places and meet and mingle! I will have to investigate these more. I can see a book like this being written--a novel (or there is Dirty Dancing, too!). :)

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