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I like your current needle work project with the robins. It is good to keep these crafts alive and well in 2016. I read a Mrs. Pollifax novel and enjoyed it, and Barbara Pym is another favorite.

Joan Kyler

I have nothing to recommend to you, but isn't The Great British Baking Show wonderful?! I only discovered it last year and have been searching for some of the past series. I like to bake and I like cooking shows, except that, as a vegan, I don't want to watch people cooking with meat. Baking is much safer to watch, although they sometimes stray into 'savory' territory and use eggs, milk, etc. Somehow, the British cooking contest shows are less of a spectacle than the U.S. ones. I have last night's show on my DVR to look forward to today.


Omigosh! I haven't thought of Shirley Valentine in quite some time. I first read about her in Sue Monk Kidd's book Dance of the Dissident's Daughter. The library tracked down the movie for me & I've since bought the screen play from Amazon (5 whole bucks!) Certainly parts are dated...when was the last time you flew & just:
1. walked up to the gate & 2. walked up to the gate just before take off?...but the theme, I think, is timeless.

Reading The Lost Garden by Helen Humphries. Did you recommend it? I get titles from several places. I was hesitant to start this since I'd read her Coventry & wasn't enamored with it. But The Lost Garden? Only on page 44 (just 164 pages total & that's the large print edition) & I feel I have to pace myself so it doesn't end too soon. Thoroughly enjoying it.


That is such a pretty sample you are working on. And progress is progress! Oh gosh I remember reading Looking for Mr. Goodbar ages ago. I hand't thought about that book in forever. Can't wait to hear what you think of it. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, Danielle.


Have you read Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day? Published by Persephone Books and totally delicious antidote to being stuck in a rut...


I think that your stitching looks marvellous - the robins are very cheerful and it is coming along nicely.
I think that we do have to be very careful what we wish for at the moment - I try and avoid the news channels now which is strange for a former news junkie but I really can't bear to watch the political machinations and back biting currently going on. Politicians are a treacherous lot!
Watching Bake-Off would be a wonderful antidote I think - I absolutely love it and can't wait for the new series to start later in the year! I do like to bake but these bakers are way beyond my standards once they get past the first couple of episodes of each series. Only problem is that watching it always makes me long for a piece of cake and I have enough trouble keeping away from the biscuit tin at the best of times!


Maybe it is in the air Danielle, as I for the umpteenth (is that the right word?) time watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun this week and enjoyed it as if it was the first time. Follewed next day by A Good Year (featuring Russell Crowe) and same genre. Escapist, absolutely, but such a nice way to escape from whatever from time to time, truly recommend it:)


I think there are loads of needleworkers out there these days, and I agree that these crafts should be kept alive. Thankfully there are loads of wonderful designers working to ensure we remain addicted to stitching! :) I have the first couple of Mrs. Pollifax novels--someone recommended her to me ages ago--just never got around to her. I love Barbara Pym, too!


Yes, I am totally addicted to that baking show. I actually hate cooking and while I have enjoyed baking in the past I no longer do much of it (and never on the level of the people on these shows!). I am not a fan of US cooking shows (competition-sort of shows)--not sure why--they are sort of weird glitzy--maybe too dramatic in a reality show vein. Maybe the British version is too, to some degree, but I like it anyway! I don't eat meat, so I can sympathize--I don't like the smell of cooking meat, and anything fried sort of turns my stomach, too. Just my own weirdness there, I suspect. I stream the shows from PBS (they usually offer them for a month or so after airing) on my tablet.


Isn't SV great? I have not seen that movie in a really long time and even if it has a slightly dated feel, I still find it hugely entertaining. Ah, the good old days of travel, eh?! :) I recently reread The Lost Garden, so maybe you did see it here? I love that book! And I liked Coventry, but I know a lot of people were disappointed with it. Her most recent novel was really good, too, if you feel like picking up another of her books.


Thanks--slowly but surely I am getting there and I like how it is turning out. It always gives me a little nudge to keep going when I see the progress. I saw the film Looking for Mr Goodbar, but it is interesting to read the book--you get a bigger picture of her life. I may have to see if I can get my hands on the film to watch it again when I finish.


Oh, I love that story. I read it quite a while ago now and a reread of it might be just the ticket! Talk about a woman remaking her life--the perfect antidote to a rut! :) Good suggestion, thanks!


Your stitching looks wonderful as ever! I was going to suggest something by Barbara Pym. She's always good. Or maybe even Muriel Spark?


It is a nice cheery scene. I will be happy to move on to the Summer Sampler, however. I am getting there! I actually avoid the news--probably more than I really should as I need to keep up to date, too, but it is just endless talk over the same things ad naseum. And I sometimes think they really just beat a story to death. I am a better baker than a book, but I rarely do either anymore. And like you, I am not even an amateur!! I love watching the show and can even re-watch episodes. It is pure mindless entertainment for me. I wonder how Paul and Mary can sampler all those creations and not gain weight! It makes me want to reach for a treat, too.... My own downfall are graham crackers as weird as that sounds.


Yes, umpteenth is right! :) I have a few of those myself--reliables! I love the film version of Under the Tuscan Sun--so beautiful and such a lovely fantasy. I should watch it again. I tried to read the book, but didn't finish it. Timing maybe? But the movie was wonderful. I don't think I have ever seen A Good Year so much go check that out now.


Slowly but surely. I am ready for a summer garden and might just have to start it a little sooner rather than waiting to finish this one. I have a couple of Pym novels set aside for my 1970s reading, but one of them might work for my mood--I hadn't thought of Muriel Spark--good idea. I know I have several unread books by her on my shelves. Something to investigate (b/c my 'possible' pile always has room for a few more books....). ;)


Thanks for the movie tip...just requested A Good Year from the library.

Have also seen Under The
Tuscan Sun. That's 1 of those movies that is quite different from the book...the movie's much more romantic, but I did like the book, too.


Sort of like Chocolat, which is one of my favorite books. Though I find the book ending more than satisfying, I must admit I loved the movie and was happy when it ended in a more romantic fashion, too! Maybe that is why I didn't get far in the Mayes book--but I loved the movie.


I love Under the Tuscan Sun, book and film, and I adored A Good Year too! They are both films that I can (and do) watch over and over again although they make me a little sad now too as I have had to accept that my chance of ever living in either Tuscany or Provence is even smaller than it was when I first watched them!
Chocolat is wonderful too - the film is the perfect example of getting the spirit of the book but managing to be a separate entity although every bit as good and I know that Joanne Harris was very happy with the way it turned out too.

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