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elizabeth Wix

I love Deborah Moggach!
I read one of her early ones "You must be Sisters" when home with my baby Claudia. Born 1980.
It convinced me that I could write.
So I zapped her off a fan letter.
Later in London David Unwin father of a college friend said of course you must meet Debbie.
And she came over waving my letter. She said she always saved fan letters.
She was lovely and so bright and talented!


Somehow I've missed knowing about Deborah Moggach. But she's on my list now so thanks for the review!

Hooray. Another Deborah Moggach fan here. I love (most) of her work, and I think she is a great writer. Rarely disappointed with her books and it seems that there is a lot of it out there. Gratitude to the Book Gods. Anyway, nice review and I’m going to track it down at our library. Thanks!


This sounds marvelous! Putting it and Deborah Moggach on my TBR list. It's too hot to do anything but read, anyway!


Oh, this sounds delicious and is now on my library list.


I haven't read Deborah Maggoch, but did see a movie based on one of her books: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I liked very much. Will check out what my library has by her, as it sounds like a lovely book.


Did it again, Moggach it should be:)


I have that book by her and have looked at it many times. It is an especially interesting sounding story to me. How cool that she wrote back to you and that you even met her. She sounds lovely indeed and I love her writing. She has written so much and all her stories seem quite varied. I'm already looking forward to my next reading choice from the stack of books she has written!


She has been writing for quite a while now, but like you she was not on my radar until one of her most recent books came my way. When I read it, I knew I had to have all her books and there are (happily) lots and lots to explore. Have fun choosing one!


Isn't it nice when you find a writer you click with to discover she has written lots of books! I have been collecting them since I read In the Dark a few years ago. I have only read a couple now and I look forward to picking up another soon. Do you have a favorite by her?


Ugh-I sympathize. It has been hot and sticky here and it makes me cranky and I am sure it is ten times worse where you are!! A good book does help to escape from it a little bit. Deborah Moggach absolutely deserves to be better known (or more widely known anyway). This was a fun read and I can't wait to start another of her books.


It was--and a perfect way to put it! ;)


Yes, that is her! I have not seen the movie but a friend did and loved it. I want to read the book first. She has written so much surely your library will have something by her!


No worries--my fingers seem to move quicker than my brain and usually hit the wrong keys along the way!


Sounds delightful! And definitely never dull either!


Haven't read her in years although I do have several of her books waiting.
I remember reading You Must Be Sisters in the 80's and I'm sure I recall one called Hot Water Man about when she lived in Pakistan - or I could be imagining that ( I was very sleep deprived throughout the second half of that decade!)
Keep thinking that I have to read Tulip Fever before the film comes out!


I love her writing--this was delightful in the way that Barbara Pym is!


Oh, yes, I have that one, too! I have almost grabbed it on a number of occasions. And I have the Pakistan one and Tulip Fever....which the latter I want to read soon too since I hope to see the movie!

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