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How utterly charming! I would not mind take a few days off and stay in this grand house... wouldn't you?

Joan Kyler

What a beautiful house! I think your photos are very nice.


What a fun way to spend the day! Love the blue color in the room with the Tiffany window.


What a lovely home and grounds. I didn't know about the Mortons' connection with Arbor Day. A nice legacy to leave behind. Always nice to learn a little something new.


I think I could happily Live here! I only wish I had taken more photos of the grounds. It is such a lovely spot--even on a cloudy day. The top photo with the Tiffany window is really an amazing room--take out those chairs and put in some comfy overstuffed sofas and it would make a perfect reading spot!


Thanks--I picked the best of the lot. My poor camera is ancient so quality is always iffy. It is a really beautiful house. It must have been quite something in the day! To have a president and his wife come stay is certainly something!


It was a nice Fourth. I usually don't do anything at all, so I really enjoyed touring the house again--I even remembered lots of things from when I went as a kid. Isn't the color great in that room? I think they tried to be very true to its original decoration.


They are quite famous here. I think most people probably don't know much about the Mortons of the salt fame--other than knowing the brand name. Living in somewhere (which you will know all about) so humid, having salt not clump together is quite a convenience, hence--when it rains it pours. I am very glad they gave the house to the state of Nebraska to share with others! What a shame had it been kept privately--it might not even be here now....


Imagine starting with a four room house and develop it into a 52 room mansion. I always wonder what people actually do with so much space. Other than having a lot of guest rooms probably as a president wouldn't come without staff I suppose. I like your photographs and thus
virtually visiting historic America.


I'm glad that you got to visit the house, it does look lovely and I would be quite happy with a bedroom like hers as it looks very peaceful. That dining room looks very elegant as well - I could do with a table that size now for when we have family get-togethers as if everyone turns up we currently have 14!


You can't even tell where the original house leaves off and the added rooms begin, though I think there were photos or a schematic somewhere on the walls. It is a huge house, but still not as big as others--like the Vanderbilt mansion in North Carolina, The Biltmore, which is absolutely amazing. I think my house could almost fit into its library! I am not sure what I would do in a house that big. I could easily move somewhere smaller and hope to do so in the next few years, but I would be very happy if there was a little room for a library involved. It is nice visiting places virtually. Sometimes that is the only way to see something historical that is so far away.


You would need to squeeze in a few extra chairs even (though the table looks quite spacious) as it seats 12! Even the bathroom is huge--and they put it in at the turn of the century. I wonder what their house would look like today if they were building now? I could be happy in that space--I especially liked the conservatory with all the big windows and the view out over the grounds. Very inviting!

gina in alabama

I lived near Nebraska City (Auburn) back in the mid 90s and always wanted to see inside Arbor Lodge but as it was a convention center then, I never got to visit the interior. There was a very nice fabric and cross stitch store downtown then, probably gone like so much now. And a little restaurant called The Embers with the most delicious beef-moodle soup that had hand-made noodles in it. I have fond memories of my time in NE, although it only lasted 7 months or so. I moved just before winter set in! How I miss the big skies and the uninterrupted views!


What a pity you were not able to go inside the house. It is so lovely--both the grounds and the interior of the home. Apparently a lot of the furniture is also original and they have lots of family artifacts, too. It has been ages since I visited Nebraska City's downtown, and we didn't spend any time there when we went, so I am not sure what is there now--if that restaurant is still around or not. I am told that there are a number of other good restaurants--someone told me a good Mexican restaurant--hopefully we will go again in the fall and can explore more. It is a lovely small town--at least the drive there was nice. It's hard to imagine what it would have been like way back when the Mortons first moved there as there was just endless plains and no trees--hence their work building up the area--now you would never know it was not always like that! I like those sorts of uninterrupted views, too!

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