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I think that this has been on my list for so long that it is in an earlier notebook so heaven knows why I haven't got around to reading it yet. I wasn't going to request anything else for the time being but I might have to make an exception for this one - right now the long hot summer of '76 sounds like a good place to be particularly with our current up and down weather!


For once I read a book in a timely manner as I bought this one in the last six months or so. Of course I then ordered (granted, used copies) most of her other books, which will likely sit around for a very long time.... I do look forward to reading something else by her. I think the year 1976 has been much written about fiction-wise as I have several British novels with that hot summer setting. I think there must be at least one book by Ruth Rendell with a long hot 70s summer!


I don't recall that many long hot summers in the 70's which is probably why 76 stands out so much but you are right that there are certainly a few books out at the moment set in that period - some better than others.
I have Maggie O'Farrell's book set in that year, Instructions for a Heatwave, and I even think I know where it is (!) so I will search that out as our current weather is very much reminding me of that long ago summer. Mustn't get too excited about it though as it is only supposed to last for a couple of days!


Well, will you be surprised when I say I also have that Maggie O'Farrell? It is one I am considering starting when I finish the Judith Rossner for my summer 1970s reading. I also am in line for her newest, which I think might just be sitting on the library's hold shelf so I might be picking it up this coming weekend. Have you read it yet and what did you think? I am now playing the library due date and can I (or not) renew my books game. I am glad you are getting a little summer weather. You are welcome to ours which I am now officially tired of. Too bad we can't swap for a week or two! :)


I really enjoyed This Must Be The Place - although I actually own all of her previous books, this is the first one that I actually read so I now have all the others in a pile waiting to be worked through because I really enjoyed it.
I am just reading The Muse and Barbara Erskine's newest book Sleeper's Castle and really enjoying both of them. I would prefer not to have to read them at speed but both have long lists of requests trailing behind them and I refuse to let them go back unread! Especially as I have Annie Proulx's new book to pick up and that has an even longer list of requests attached to it!
The Essex Serpent was very good by the way and I think that it is the sort of book that would probably bear being read again to get everything from it.


Is that one of the detective novels or a standalone? I could easily pick another one up now, but as I have Ruth Ware newly arrived and in hardcover I had best give my "thriller" attention there! Is The Muse the Jessie Burton book? You'll have to tell me how it is. It doesn't get published here for a while yet, I think. The Erskine sounds good! I like those time slip books i they are done well. I am curious about the new Proulx but so far have not requested it. It seems like a book that requires more thought and attention than I can muster in this heat right now. I have even put my "classic"--another M.E. Braddon book--on the back burner in favor of Easy reading. Maybe The Essex Serpent can come with me on sits in my bedside pile. Sigh. Like so many other books....

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