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I think Tabac might have been my favorite from this book!


I really liked both of these stories this time around. She has such a wonderful, if curious, sense of humor. What did you think a tebic was?!


I loved Sylvia Townsend Warner's Lolly Willowes and these 2 stories sound like her witty, clever sense of humor. I didn't know she'd written short stories too, I definitely want to read some!


So you never get to find out what tebic is? Any guesses? Not knowing would drive me mad :)


I really must read Lolly Willowes--I have a copy somewhere. She must have actually written quite a few short stories as I also have a Virago edition of collected stories and it is quite chunky! I love her cleverness, too!


No, and there were not enough hints of what it might be either. Except Lydia's friend 'couldn't live without it'. I even did a quick google search. Maddening! ;)

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