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Mr. Edom does sound quirky and singular! What a fun couple of stories.


Danielle you always find such gems for your short story posts! I hadn't heard of the first one but sounds really good. And, Alice Hoffman is another for my TBR list!


I am not sure I will continue reading short stories, if I do I am sure I will try Sylvia Townsend Warner. She sounds like a great author with a great sense of humor.
As for now I have read two short stories over the past two weeks as part of the summer reading project I wrote you about. One by Dorothy Parker (You Were Perfectly Fine) and one by Carson McCullers (The Jockey). I really enjoyed them both.


They are. I can totally imagine these stories in a film version--that would be fun!


I have lucked out with this collection. I like Sylvia Townsend Warner and really need to try one of her novels, too. Alice Hoffman has written so many books and I have read virtually nothing by her. I do like her style, though!


Oh no, I hope you don't give up on short stories. Do you just prefer reading essays? There is so much out there that is so good when it comes to the genre. I like Sylvia Townsend Warner a lot (and if you want someone equally as good--maybe even better I highly recommend Elizabeth Taylor who was a marvelous storyteller). I have not read either of the other stories you mention, but I like Dorothy Parker very much--have only read one of Carson McCullers novels, but I would love to read more of her work-including some of her stories.

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