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Two very enticing teasers, Danielle. I'm between short story collections right now (though reading several books at once, of course!), and I'm very tempted to look for these. I know all about that yearning for something new, despite being perfectly happy with what I'm already reading.


The STW collection has been a good one! and it sounds like Hoffman is good too.I've read one, maybe two, of Hoffman's novels. They were pretty good. have you read any of her novels and if so, how would you compare them with the stories?


I am also in the market for a new story collection and have several at hand to decide on. I am just now finishing with Sylvia Townsend Warner and might finish the Hoffman before the end of the month. Both have been very good Not sure what I am in the mood for now....


Now I need to read her Lolly Willowes--did you read that before? I have never read any of Alice Hoffman's novels. I did read one of her other story collections, which was like this--interlinked stories. I once tried one of her novels where the protagonist gets struck my lightning, but I just didn't connect with it. I would definitely like to try one of her other novels sometime.


I have not read Lolly Willowes but it is on my list! One of the Hoffman books I read was Turtle Moon. I liked it.


I have it too. Maybe if we ever get around to actually reading (and sticking to and finishing) a book together we can add this one to the list! ;) I will look up Turtle Moon--she has written so many books it is hard to know where to even start!

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