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I have a copy of this but haven't read it yet although I have read a similar book of linked short stories by Alice Hoffman called Blackbird House which I thought was excellent. As was The Shore by Sara Taylor which is set further south on the East Coast ( I seem to recall mentions of Chincoteague Island so does that make it Virginia?) but is also an intriguing set of linked stories moving through time.
Well worth looking out for if it crosses your path.


I'm already thinking about fall too. The Hoffman book sounds pretty good. I am curious about the final story that is undated.


I read Blackbird House and from what I recall I liked it very much. That is actually the only other Hoffman book I have read. I would like to read The Shore, too, and my library owns a copy, but my pile of books is so tall right now, it will have to remain on my wishlist. I love interlinked stories like that. I think there is at least one Alice Munro collection like that which might be a good choice for when I finish this one.


Yes, It will be fun to see what that's all about. We have had such a sticky summer, I hope fall is nicely cool!!

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