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I'm new to the US. Rocky Mountain National park seems like a place I should visit. :)

Buried In Print

Or, else, the treats are what fuel the long walks? I dunno. It sounds like Niagara Falls, fudge and taffy everywhere!

City on Fire is on my TBR but I don't expect to get to it anytime soon. Have heard many good things, however!


I had to look up Salt Water Taffy. I learn so much here. I think now it is a kind of candy and judging from the ingrediënts a very sweet one.
What would you compare it too: caramel, soft nougat?
I don't know if I could have come away with only two books in that lovely shop :).
Looking forward to the weaving..


Oh, yes, I remember the Salt Water Taffy and how it reminded me of the Wisconsin Dells. It seems these touristy towns need their sweet concoctions (something I never refuse). Your books (and, oh that bookstore) look fascinating. I'll be interested in Turquoise Summer for sure, and City on Fire sounds intriguing. Glad you had such a nice time.


That town looks wonderful full of enticing shops and I agree with Cath - there is no way that I would have come out of that lovely bookshop without a bulging bag of books and other bits and bobs!
That bookmark will be perfect for your RIP reading - very gothic!

We brought home a big bag of saltwater taffy from our holiday in Cape Cod (our one trip to your side of the Atlantic) but something must have happened to it in-transit because by the time we got home it had somehow all combined together into a sticky mass that was inedible! My husband was SO disappointed!


Oh thank you for sharing your pictures from your trip. What a great place to visit. Isn't it fun to go to new bookstores. And you definitely showed a lot of willpower at no ice cream! :) I bet it was so nice to thrown on warm clothes for a change too!


Hi Nirmala, Welcome to the US! And welcome to the book blogosphere, too. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I would say if you like being outside and nature that any of the National Parks would be a wonderful way to see places in the US. I love the Rockies and never tire of visiting. There is so much to see that each year I try and find some new lake or waterfall! And I love listening to the sound of those rushing streams and rivers!


I think after a day hiking in the park that that taffy is a restorative! ;) Yes, lots of fudge here, too. As much as I love chocolate and I do love chocolate, I am not particularly drawn to fudge. It is a little too sweet (who thought I would ever say that!) for me. I will take plain dark chocolate any day! Glad to hear you have heard good things about City on Fire--I suspect I won't get to it terribly soon either. As a matter of fact I can make a prediction...I will go to Estes next year (I hope) and it will probably be sitting on my shelves unread...though maybe I will surprise myself!


I wonder if you can get taffy in other countries? I am not even sure where it started--it is a very old fashioned treat and these days comes in every conceivable flavor! It is similar to both caramels and nougats in texture--chewy, but not exactly the same. I brought a very small container of it home, but I have not yet broken into it. I will try and ration just a single piece a day or every few days! I had many more books in my hands, but then I imagined packing them all and reconsidered. I was also trying to stay somewhat within my budget. I had my last formal weaving class today and thankfully we had several ladies who are very skilled at weaving helping out. I had some problems the last time I worked on my new scarf so I needed some guidance to fix it. I think I am back on track and hope I can finish it up this coming week working by myself. I promise to share photos this coming week!


Yes, touristy towns always have lots of places to get something sweet. I guess it is just part of vacation time. I have never been the the Wisconsin Dells--I bet it is pretty there, too. I had to get Turquoise Summer since it is something special in the setting--I am not sure I would have come across it otherwise so it will be a nice memento. I did have a good time--too bad it went so quickly!


I did come out of the bookshop with a list of books alas! :) I hate to admit this, but I thought in the case of many of the books on my list--I thought I could find them used or a little cheaper--very bad of me not to be a better supporter of such a wonderful indie shop, but otherwise I would have totally gone astray of my bedget. Isn't that owl bookmark great? I had to have it--they have such lovely little book accessories there. You could love it! Ugh--too bad about the taffy. Were they not individually wrapped? I can see if they melted together--all those flavors in one oozing mess--I would have been disappointed, too! I will ration out the little container I brought home. I can find it here in Omaha, but it is not the fresh just made in wonderful flavors kind you can find in those shops. And yes, Estes is a lovely little town!


I could have been Really really bad in Estes. I am surprised at my self control, though I did have dessert twice and drinks once. I was seriously tempted in the bookstore, but as my mom and sister were patiently waiting for me, that probably acted as a deterrent to looking at Everything--in which case I would have been more likely to walk away with an even bigger pile. I was very happy to decided to opt for long sleeves. I would have been shivering--what a thought. With our hot summer I will have to acclimate all over again to the coming cold!


Thank you! I might visit Sleeping Bear Dunes end of this month. I read the US has more than 50 national parks. So these are exciting times!


No, the taffy was individually wrapped but still got welded together and also to the base of my husband's carry-on bag so it was truly inedible! No idea how or why it happened - a mystery!
Don't feel bad about your list - I think that that is what most avid readers and book buyers do unless they gave an unlimited bank account which I most definitely don't!


What a cute little town! Love to bookshop and the coffee shop, if the view wasn't so great i think I'd be spending all my time at those two places!


I had to look Sleeping Bear Dunes up as I am not familiar with it--wow, you have to go, it looks really amazing! There are over 50 parks I think (59 I think--I had to look it up in the wikipedia). How cool would it be to try and visit each one! Bucket list project I guess. I have a very long way to go as I think I have only managed two!


Quaint I'd say! It has that old fashion feel to it even. Both the bookshop and coffee show are favorites. Plus there are a couple of really good restaurants we go back to each summer. All very laid back--perfect for a long weekend away!


Taffy only gets softer (and harder to peel from the plastic in hot weather I am finding out) as the days remain warm. I am not surprised it welded together and I would be seriously bummed too. Actually I filled a tiny tub of my favorite flavors and then thought I lost it as I had so many bags. I tried to put on a 'oh well, it's okay air about me' but when I discovered it had fallen out of the bag and rolled all the way to the back of the trunk I can't tell you how happy I was. Needless to say I am drawing out and savoring eating my little treats. See, now you Have to come back so you can have more taffy! Lists are at least nice to have--something to think about and if you are lucky slowly order the books (or find cheap used copies!!).

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