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Joan Kyler

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. I've never been to that part, but we used to go to a ranch in Grand Teton National Park. Similar to where you went. I'm glad you had a relaxing time and such enviable weather. This morning I told my husband that I'm sure we'd go from 'Did you turn on the a/c?' to 'Did you turn on the electric blanket?' I miss spring and fall!


Beautiful photos, Colorado is such a pretty state. Enjoyed the 2 years we lived there.


Oh those photographs are magnificent. What a beautiful place you've spent your vacation and so good to read you have had such beautiful weather.

Buried In Print

Oh, the wildlife: how fantastic! Looking forward to hearing about your reading as well. :)


I miss those transitional seasons, too. They are my favorites and they seem to last all of a week, though I guess that is an exaggeration! I would love to visit the Tetons sometime--I am sure I would love it there.


Lucky you--I could happily live there! I think it is impossible to take a bad photo--it is so very picturesque--and so different than Nebraska, which is why I love it so much.


It was a lovely weekend, even though it went by far too quickly. By the way, and I know this sounds silly, I saved reading your card until I was by the stream that runs behind the cabins we stay at. It was pleasantly warm and sunny and the birds were chirpy and eating berries off the bushes and it was just what I needed! ;) We did luck out with the weather--it is such a beautiful place. I don't think I could ever tire visiting there!


Yes, I was surprised that I saw so much! If we are lucky we might see elk in the park, though one year we went late enough in the season that they could even be found running down the streets of Estes itself! Loved seeing those coyote pups--too fun!


How beautiful! The weather sounds perfect for doing some walking as well as enjoying sitting in the sun!
Glad you had a lovely time and I look forward to finding out more about your trip.


Everything sounds lovely! I was in Colorado (just passing through on a cross-country trip) in 1975 and 1978. It was gorgeous. Thank you for the photos!


I don't think it sounds silly, I experience it as a really wonderful, moving thought. Now somehow I have been sitting there in your company. Near the water.
What I find so impressive in your photographs is that when you look at the horizon, there are those mountains.
It is so... wild, is the word coming up just now.


Your photos are breathtaking, Danielle. Rocky Mountain National Park is a favorite of mine - a park I will never tire of.


What beautiful views! I'm so glad you had wonderful weather to enjoy this. It does sound perfect. I've never been to any of the National Parks and really want to visit!


What a nice way to think of it--yes, indeed you were right there--if not physically at least in spirit! :) Yes, you should see what it is like to come up to those mountains. I wish I had taken photos of actually driving up to Estes--you have to go through Big Thompson Canyon--you will have to google it and look at images--you drive Up to Estes through these winding roads as Estes is at an elevation of over 7,500 feet above sea level. You can see the massive rock face on either side of you with the Big Thompson River rushing alongside the interstate. They literally had to blast through rock to create the (two-lane) highway. I will have to see if I have any old photos of the approach to Estes to share. It truly is wild--very beautiful there--I could happily live there!


I did get in lots of walking and some sitting in the sunshine, too. It was bliss and I am going to have to 'live off the fumes of that trip' so to speak for a while now!


There was bad flooding in parts during the 70s. We traveled there as a family when I was little but I don't have much recollection of that trip. The scenery is really stunning!


It is one of my very favorite places, too. I could revisit it every year and I would be quite happy!


I have not been to many National Parks--it is a shame since there is so much beauty--I have gone to some State Parks--equally as nice. I know some people have bucket lists of visiting all the parks--now that would be quite an undertaking--I think there are more than 90 of them?


Beautiful! So glad you had such a lovely time!


It was nice, but way too quick!

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