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I'm ashamed to say I haven't read even one of the books on the "World Edition" list. I'm going to bookmark it, though, and get started. (By "get started" I mean add the books that sound the best to me to my unspeakably long TBR list. But I have good intentions.)

I think reading anticipation is almost as good as vacation anticipation--and when you put them together you have potential for a whole lot of happiness! Hope you enjoy every minute of your planning and anticipating time.


I have only read the Tove Jansson (and I mean to get back to her writing still this year--I think you would like that book on the list, too) and the story collection by Bruno Schulz for a book club! I wish I could say I was a 'broader' reader but I think we read pretty widely--it's impossible to read them all, though! I have good intentions, too, which are sadly not met by my free time! Anticipating is good, too. Then you have something nice to look forward to. ;)


Have a great mini-trip!

Susan E

Enjoy your time in the mountains! Thanks for the link to article on Teffi's Memories--very interesting to learn just how popular her writings were! Maybe I'll put the other NYRB volume on my tbr list, but on the other hand, maybe one Teffi book is enough. So many authors to read, so little time....


I had not heard of Freeman's but I am intrigued. It sounds right up your alley! I saw that Powell's list and darn it, added quite a few titles to my library "for later" shelves. But I was also relieved that I have read a number of the books already.


I suspect now you have two copies of the Teffi essay :) as I emailed one to you today also. On top of that I had your vacation in mind for this weekend. The intention was good though and that's what counts..
I read two from the list as well: The Summer Book and The Bone People.

Buried In Print

The Freeman's issue sounds like a great combination: does it only include authors whose works are published by their press, I wonder?

That's a great list to use for future reading projects. I've only read 6 and have had the same number on my TBR for ages, so there are several others which are new to me. Thanks!


I have read two on the list (The Summer Book and Half of a Yellow Sun), partly read the Ferrante and have three others on my shelves which is actually quite impressive for me!
I always used to think that packing my holiday reading was one of the real pleasures of a holiday for me - I would pack the books away a good few weeks before we went away so it was almost as though they were new to me when I got there! But I wouldn't worry about not having any Colorado reading already on hand - isn't that what Colorado book shops are for?


Yay--thanks! In one week now, I will be on the road and on my way! :)


I've read a few things about her--she sounds like such an interesting person and with such an 'adventurous' (maybe not by her choice!) life. I am so glad she is being brought back in print and back to reader's attention. I did check out the book of essays, but I will concentrate on just finishing this book, but I will say--if you do ever come across it, her essays are very good. I might have to invest in the essays at some point. But yes, the pressure of all those unread books that you have on your wishlist.... There is always a new book just around the corner. And thanks--just one more week and I will be on my way, so something to look forward to.


I think it must have come up as a recommendation when I was searching on Amazon and I knew it would be right up my alley. Isn't that Powell's list great? I know those sorts of lists are marketing tools and not really definitive lists, but hey, I am always happy to discover some potentially new and wonderful writers! I have a few, too, so it is nice to know I have somewhere to start (without having to buy or borrow).


And that is totally okay--now I have it conveniently in my email and won't have to go searching for it. We are on the same wavelength and I thank you for reading it and thinking of me! :) I only skimmed the article to be honest, so now I have it handy to read at leisure. I loved The Summer Book--I need to reread it and get back to her writing in general. Maybe I will take one of her books to Colorado.... (just how much room will I have in my bag anyway...).


Good question, I had to go look. I think the are publishing any authors as Huraki Murakami has a story in the anthology and Random House/Vintage publishes him. I thought it interesting however, that it was a Grove Atlantic book, but then why not. It is sort of a journal/serial, but maybe not exactly? At any rate, I didn't see a way to subscribe to it so will just have to watch as I think they do not have a set publishing schedule. I love lists like that, not that I need more reading ideas, but...sometimes it is a gentle reminder of what I already own that I can easily reach for now!


I should really read Half a Yellow Sun and I do (of course) own it. I also read The Summer Book and love Tove Jansson in general. I still want to try and read at least the first Ferrante though I had originally thought this year would see me reading the whole quartet. I think I only own the first two books anyway as I 'need to read' something first before buying more. Or that is what I keep telling myself. I have been thinking of my reading pile for ages now and you know how it keeps changing. I am mostly going to bring partially read books including finally getting back to and Finishing the Simonson book (which I have been surreptitiously dipping into for the last week--which is what slowed me down finishing Maggie O'Farrell, my now tardy library book). I was going to take one new book but now I think I might take two--I don't have to finish them, just enjoy starting them. I am going to try hard not to come back with a stack of new books, but as I am sure I will be going to that lovely bookstore, I want to bring at least one special book home as a treat. Okay, maybe two. But not a stack. Nope. No way. Me? No, never.


If you see a stack you want to buy and you can afford them then buy them! They will probably be the sort of book that are specific to the area and so hard to get elsewhere - and you will kick yourself if you don't buy them!
Well that's what I would do anyway! I did once come back from holiday with a stack of more than 20 books but that was a very long time ago. ( and I have a nasty feeling that I still haven't read some of them!)


Ooh I have not seen Freeman's and I was just at the bookstore today. I'll have to be on the look out for next time around. So will you get a chance to visit any indie bookstores in Colorado? I bet you are counting down!


Have a great trip to Colorado!! I do wonder about this world book list, because I have read quite a few of these authors (Murakami, Akutagawa, Eileen Chang, Sebald...), just not the books they mention, and I have a feeling the list maker does want to focus on experimental fiction, which is not my cup of tea to say the least. I do recommend Eileen Chang Love in a fallen city, it's quite an easy read actually.


I suspect that is exactly what is going to happen. I am just going to try and not buy books that I can easily get here in Omaha and only look for unusual books or books set in or about Colorado. The nice thing about traveling by car is being able to make these bookish splurges, right?!


Yes, I will get to go to a wonderful little indie called MacDonalds Bookstore which has been there for decades. And they have a really great selection of books, too! Freemans is really cool--do look for it. I found it on Amazon to be honest, but bookstores should have it in the magazine area where Paris Review and all those other literary mags are.


Thanks! I am off on my mini vacation tomorrow. I have a pile of books to choose from! By the way, I got your story in the mail a while ago and your postcard came yesterday in the mail (perfect-thanks!) so a very nice surprise. Of course I shall send one from CO, too! I have heard many good things about Eileen Chang and really must get that book--and even better that it is a collection of stories. I am with you on not getting on well with experimental fiction. I want to say I can enjoy it, but almost always it is a struggle for me! I am glad I am not alone in it not being my cup of tea!

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