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Sam Sattler

I read this one sometime in the early '80s and still remember it well. That's really saying something, because a one-time read has to pack quite an emotional wallop or be extraordinary in some other sense to stay in this mind for thirty years or so.


It's been so many years since I read this one but just reading your review makes me want to read it again! So glad to hear you found this to be a memorable read.


I'd say this one certainly does have an emotional element to it that is really unforgettable. Even the bits of the movie I saw stuck with me, but reading the book filled in all the details. I was very impressed by Rossner's storytelling. I am a little curious about the actual crime, but I am not sure I want to pursue reading about it or not. I wonder what her other books are like.


I can see rereading this at some point. I hope I can track down the film as I am curious to see how they adapted it. It's such a shocking story--even now living in this crazy world!


So glad to hear this is still good. I have wanted to read it since a women's lit class in college. We were given a list of books and had to do a small group "book report" and this was on the list. My group ended up doing The Women's Room by Marilyn French. One of these days I will read this!


How did you like reading The Women's Room? I have that on my shelf as well! This is one that transcends time. I thought it very well done and even now shocking. I wouldn't mind reading something else by her, but I fear it will not have the same impact (though maybe that is not an entirely bad thing?).


Women's Room was great! Very much enjoyed it.


Something to look forward to!

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