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Susan E

Have a wonderful time in the mountains. The weather here in Maryland is hot and sticky so your trip sounds blissful right about now...


Have a fantastic trip--I'm sure you'll manage to find just the right book(s) to accompany you.


Hope you have an awesome time! (And get a chance to read lots of books.)

John Edwards



Wishing you a safe journey and a wonderful vacation :)


Danielle I'm just catching up and really enjoyed hearing about your weaving classes. I hope you have a wonderful time on vacation and got some reading and weaving done! Most of all, I hope you were able to soak up many beautiful views! Looking forward to hearing all about your vacation!


It was much the same when I came home to Omaha--I left one state feeling like fall and came home to summer!


It was nice but way too fast. I took too many books, but I did manage to dip into all of them at least a little bit and finished one!


Just what I needed. I didn't read quite as much as I thought I might, but then again, I never seem to read as much as I want. There is so much to do and see there, it was a good trip!


It was great and I DID have a good time. You should find a postcard in your mailbox in a week or so....too bad I am back home before the card reaches you!


Thanks Cath--it was perfect. I need to keep those images in my mind now for a while and keep that pleasant feeling for those icky days here!


I love weaving and even managed to visit the weaver's guild in Estes (photos to follow!) as they have open house on the weekends and do demonstrations-too cool. I hit a glitch with my own weaving, but hopefully the teacher will help me sort it out. I had a great time--the weather was blissfully fall-ish. Now if only it would spread east to Omaha!

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