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Ah the NYRBs, I have been wondering how they were going! They sent me an email about Zama the other day and I thought it sounded pretty interesting. And you know you are not the only one whose reading is always out of control!


Now that's a good idea. I could talk to all those neglected books on my shelves too and maybe, just maybe they would stop looking at me with those big sad expressions.
And why did I buy two more this afternoon? As if I am not in enough trouble already with all I want to read before the end of the year. And those two definitely will be addded to that list.
To change that painful subject: card on the way for you, hopefully it arrives before your vacation.


Well, I have at least for two whole days running now read the two I have set my sights on finishing. Maybe it is just a matter of getting back into that reading routine. Zama is interesting--not sure I would ever have picked it up otherwise, but that's why I love these NYRBs! I guess when things spin out of control (as they so often do lately) it feels so much better when you get your ducks all back in line. Like you are maybe actually accomplishing something--lol.


Oh, yay, a card to look forward to! Did my cards from the Joslyn/Sheila Hicks exhibit arrive safely? Sorry the second card came without an envelope. I need to pay my poor books some attention--they have been feeling terribly neglected and I actually am feeling much better/strangely calmer, to have returned nearly all of those library books. I think I will allow myself just a very few--one novel and a few story collections--to stay with me at home! I am determined (well, at the present moment anyway) to get that in progress pile whittled down and am looking very much forward to reading some of the books I recently bought. It is really hard to not buy books, and I realized I still have a couple of unspent B&N gift cards so I had a little fun putting together an order over the weekend--so now a card from you and a small box of books to look forward to! ;)


I haven't picked up a NYRB in such a long time. Not good! I did see an announcement about Zama and that looks so interesting. I'm looking forward to what you think about it!

Susan E

I saw Memories book by Teffi shortly after you mentioned it and was inspired to get it. I've been making slow progress but am glad to be reading it. Seems like her journey is similar to those of today's refugees. It did take me awhile to adopt to her tone. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts. You are not alone in your reining in of books in progress!


It is an interesting book--the character is a little curious--not sure yet what I make of him, but I like the story so far. NYRBs are always good--they stretch my mind just a little bit (and sometimes a lot). I am a 'collector' of NYRBs. Not sure if that is a good thing or not.... ;)


I am back into reading Teffi's book regularly now once again and have found a good rhythm. It is almost a traditional 'road trip' book though one through a very different world. I think I just hit a point where I wasn't giving myself enough time to finish the chapter and was stuck on those same pages over and over again. If you are interested in this sort of story, you might also like Transit (another NYRB) by Anna Seghers.


This is why I can never get involved with any subscription schemes for books - there isn't a hope in Hades that I would manage to even approach keeping up with them and the guilt would really bother me!
You know perfectly well that you are not the only one to obsess about books that you want to read but can't resist the temptation of others even when you know you really should be concentrating on the ones in hand!
Every year I tell myself that I will stick to reading from my shelves and not get sidetracked by library books but every year I fail and the number of unread books on my shelves is now frankly embarrassing!


I'd been doing so well until I caught that little snag but I will try and remain optimistic that I can actually still catch up. I love having such a nice treat to look forward to each and every month instead of just bills all the time. I have every expectation that my library hiatus will only last a while--but maybe I can stay with my own piles at least until I whittle those partially read books down. I feel like I spend more time lugging bags of books back and forth rather than reading them all--I had to do something and get back in focus with my reading. Am almost done with the O'Farrell and I have already pulled out the Simonson for next! Oh well, I wouldn't be embarrassed--think of the books as your own library and each book will get its day. At least that is what I try and tell myself!

vicki (skiourophile)

Grand Hotel is a good one - I read a very old translation, so I should probably try this one too when I fancy a re-read.


I am sure I will love it when I give myself the chance to actually sit down and spend quality time with it. I wonder if it has ever been made into a movie as it has that quality to it!

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