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Such a lovely insightful review Danielle. It re-created a reading experience of long ago - I don't know when, only remember reading Rubyfruit Jungle- and that is almost as good as reading the book myself.

Buried In Print

I loved this one, and it's probably time for a reread. Her book on writing speaks about the effort it takes to make a story look effortless, and I remember thinking that Rubyfruit was the perfect illustration of this.

Have you tried any of her mysteries? I know they're not to everyone's taste, but I really liked them (and need to catch up on the series, which, as you know, I'm terrible for NOT doing).


I'm glad it brought to mind a good past reading experience. And I know what you mean by enjoying hearing what someone else says about a book/story and reliving it that way--almost as nice! I am glad I decided to pick it up again--I think I probably appreciated it more this time around than when I first read it.


I know what you mean--this story does seem totally effortless. It just flows and even though I was laughing out loud I was amazed that I was doing so when some of the situations were really not anything at all to laugh at, if you know what I mean. Not all writers can pull that off. I have not read any of her other books--the mysteries sort of never appealed to me, but after loving this so much I am thinking I should really try one--at least something else by her--maybe one of her other earlier works.

Sam Sattler

Sounds like a wonderful book. I've never read her, and was surprised when I looked her up a minute ago that this was her debut novel. It always amazes me how good so many debut novels are.


Being halfway through, I see what you mean about Molly - she is definitely an irrepressible character!


She is really talented and I didn't even realize that was her first book. I thought it was simply one of her early ones. She just got it all so spot on and even so many years later it is very fresh and relevant!


Isn't she something? Irrepressible is the perfect word for her. I like that she is just so normal and works for what she wants. I admire that in a person and she is a wonderful character.


Loved your review! I read the book so long ago all the details are fuzzy and I just remember how much I liked it and you review helped bring some of it back!


Isn't it fun revisiting books this way? It's a pity that stories go hazy after a while, but that is where the pleasure of rereading comes in, right?!

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