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I really enjoyed this one too. I had read a couple of Jewell's books before and they seemed more chicklit so it was interesting to see this story with greater character development and some mystery in the mix.

John Edwards

Another one to add to my 'to read' list. I don't need any other book reviewer - you've kept me in books for the last six month!


I think I have a couple of Jewell's earlier books and I recall they are more along the lines of chicklit, but I thought this a good suspense story--more mainstream with just the right sort of ending that is final yet still a little open to interpretation. Definitely a good summer read!


This one will be a quickie for you! :) If you want more books to add to your list--I am greatly enjoying the new Maggie O'Farrell (so much so I think I may dig out the other books by her that I own) and Rita Mae Brown's Rubyfruit Jungle is so funny--I have to be careful where I read it as I get so involved I break out in laughter! Have you ever read Forever Amber--a good potboiler if ever there was one!


Wow. This does sound like a good red. I've read one other book by Lisa Jewell, but not this one. I'll have to see if my library has it. (Great review!)


You have me quite curious about this one, Danielle.


I have one or two of her other books (more along the lines of chicklit I think), though this is the first by her I have read. I quite enjoyed it, though I am a fan of a good suspense novel! Definitely a nice summer read--hope your library has it!


Give it a go if you are in the mood for a little suspenseful escapism! It reminded me a little of the Rear Window sort of story--where all the drama goes on in front of the whole neighborhood's eyes!


That sounds like a page-turner!


A nice summery diversion that's for sure!


I must have ended up in the spam folder as I left a long comment in this.
I finished it last night and loved it. I even read past my bedtime, somthing I never do. :)
I'm so glad you wrote about it - hopefully this comment will not end up in the bin.


I noticed that I sometimes appear in blue and sometimes in green.
Guess it depends on the email. Not sure why this changes. Weird.


Sorry about that--I have no idea why Typepad picks on some people. I find comments by the same people over and over in the spam filter and I always send them to be published, but it will not learn! And then for some people it just outright eats the comments. I am glad you sent another through. I enjoyed it too. I was worried at first about the array of suspects and that it would come off as just being too obvious that any one of them could be the offender, but in the end she managed to be slick and solve the mystery in an entirely unexpected way!


Hah--I never noticed. I thought it was just random and scrolled through the choices, but you are right you are blue both times. Now I am going to have to look at your other comments and see if that is always the case! :) I need to head on other to your blog--I am as usual behind--are you doing your annual German Lit Month? Maybe I will go now and look....

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