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Buried In Print

Well it does look like progress when one moves from an incomplete house to a complete one: good choice for your prior pause in your work! Rather like putting down a difficult book when you are just about to finish a chapter so you feel that sense of success when you pick it up the next time and read just a page or two!


Those mattress style pincushions are so adorable. This is going to be lovely! I have a lot of unfinished projects too - I try not to let them get me down but sometimes after I've been away from them for a while I admit it does get hard to get back to them.


It is sort of refreshing to come back to something like this and realize that you did make a little progress and now I feel like getting back to it again. If you think I have a lot of partially read books you should see what my 'UFO' (unfinished projects) bin looks like.... This is what I am trying to do with those poor neglected books. Maybe those library piles were just what I needed to feel like going back to those night table books. Back to the old comfortable stories.


I think that is my favorite way to finish a cross stitch project. It isn't hard to do, though it can take some time to do all the backstitching. I need to go through my needlework stash--much like books I bet I could do a lot of serious weeding of charts that I am likely never to think of doing--my tastes have changed over time with my stitching just like with books!


I'll be interested to know what words you choose for the band. I collect quotes, but nothing is coming to mind just now. Something stitchery? Something bookish? Just a favorite quote?


They are all looking great! I love the colors of the Quaker heart. I do think of orange/pink/purple to be "India" colors so the name of the floss totally works for me!


I love the colors and they do say "India," to me, all the beautifully colored saris.


So pretty. And I look forward to seeing the weaving photos!


I was thinking--faith hope and charity maybe but I'm not sure. I would prefer a nice line of poetry--something about hearts or friendship maybe. Of course love of books would also fit in nicely... I hate to stick with the boring initials and month/year. If I had children I could put their names, but that's a blank slate for me alas. I am sure I will come across something that will jump out at me! Maybe is all else fails I could do the old--"wrought by...." Something old-fashiony... ;)


They are nice warm happy colors don't you think? I love that skein of floss and I hope that I will have enough for the finishing as well as I have no clue where I even bought it (or maybe someone even gave it to me!).


Saris--yes! Or all those rich spices that are so colorful, too!


I just need to sit down and resize them---I have quite a few so hope I can find some good, clear ones! Thanks for the kind words!

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