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Isn't it fun when a book you are reading or just read shows up on a prize shortlist? It doesn't happen to me often but when it does I get a little thrill. Weird, I know, but there it is. Love the little mouse bookmark!


So good to see Donald Hall on the poetry longlist, I've read most of his books of poetry over the years, he stopped writing poetry a few years ago (will be 88 this month)and still writes essays. Rita Dove I've read only one or two poems of. It is so nice to find poetry in your linky post:).

Sam Sattler

I've read three of the Man Booker longlist books, but only one of them, "Eileen," made it to the shortlist. I do have a copy in hand of "Hot Milk," though and plan to read that one in the next few days. Of the three I have read, "Eileen" was my least favorite of the bunch...just shows what I know.


Oh how interesting that cozies are coming back! I don't mind cozy reads at all as long as there is some good substance to them. I remember thinking that the Louise Penny books (at least the first ones) seemed a bit like a cozy but with more depth to them. And, i've also been thinking of re-subscribing to various publications so thank you for the BookForum reminder! That is a good one. Can't wait to see pics from your class project.


It is--not that it happens all that often to me either, so it was noticeable this time around! I always feel I am off on my own little tangent when it comes to reading, so it is nice when I am sort of sharing a reading experience with lots of other people. That bookmark is waaaay too cute!


You know I have a book by Donald Hall--of prose--that I really must dig out. Maybe you were the person who first suggested his writing to me! In your honor, my next post is poetry-related, too! ;)


Now you have me curious....which are the other books you read? Eilieen is certainly unusual--I give you that! I have lots left to read, so I wonder what I will make of it. Almost always the books that win the prize are the books I am least likely to want to show's you what *I* know, too! :)


Of course I think cozies have always been favorites of plenty of mystery readers, but I think that they are 'back' in that publishers are now more willing to take a chance on publishing out of print authors or more backlists they would not have otherwise. I know what you mean by wanting cozies with substance. I know some are pretty frufree (I know that is not a word, but you know what I mean...) but I think golden age mysteries tended to be pretty sophisticated and then Agatha Christie is in a class all her own! Have pushed off my weaving pictures another day--I started to get pictures ready but then realized I had not loaded the newest one to my computer from my camera--maybe the next project blog-wise!


A lot of tangents to explore from this post!
I keep meaning to read more poetry - my dad could recite huge numbers of poems, a skill I always really envied but am sadly lacking. I do keep buying poetry books which catch my eye but I am not so great at getting round to reading them on a regular basis - bet that comes as a surprise eh?
I did once think about getting a compilation and reading a poem a day, I even bought a suitable collection but didn't get any further - maybe that should be my Autumn/Winter project?
The link to the New Orleans crime fiction festival made me realise how many writers are out there and how few I have read - only really John Connolly, Sharon Bolton and Michael Connelly although obviously I have heard of Lee Child and Harlan Coban. I haven't read any of Ross Macdonald although I am sure that I remember seeing some of his titles on bookshelves years ago with very 70's covers that reminded me of Ian Fleming and Harold Robbins so not the sort of thing that I would have picked up!
I have given in and requested Eileen from the library - it was the only one of the shortlist that even vaguely appealed so I will be interested to see what I make of it!
The mouse bookmark is just adorable but I wouldn't dare buy it and use it - I had a bookmark with a soft bodied monkey figure on the end of it but the cats kept stealing it so I gave up in the end. That mouse would be too much temptation for them!


I think older generations read far more poetry and were expected to learn it by heart in school. In a way I think it is a pity that schools don't require that now. Like you I mean to read poetry, but I never quite know how to approach it. It seems like something you read slowly and savor and just a little at a time, but I always want to race through books. Must cultivate my poetry reading skills! I also have thought of trying a poem a day or a week....good intentions and all that... ;)
I have lots of mysteries by loads and loads of different authors--all kinds of mysteries, too, from cozies to noir to spy thrillers but I am the world's slowest reader. I often think I could spend all my time reading this genre (the variations w/in the broader genre that is), but so many books beckon. So I pulled out the first Ross McDonald book only to be lured away by a Japanese crime novel. And my other problem--easily distracted by something else. Sigh. Always the same problems and I know you can relate only too well. I have Eileen started and it is a weird sort of story, but I need to get back to it. I have been mainly reading my RIP books. I always one to put "just one more book" in my bookbag (and it is usually Eileen) but then shake my head knowing I don't actually have THAT much time during the day to read. If I spread myself too thin, than it is a matter of reading one page per book and no wonder I never make good progress. So I have been trying to stick with the same few books and chip away each day (while looking at that in progress pile which is stagnating at the moment). Another sigh! Cats are so naughty--seeing something like that peeking out of a book is just an invitation. I gave up buying bookmarks with tassles on them as they always got ruined and I had to remove the tassle thanks to the cats. But then they DO need to amuse themselves Somehow!

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