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You have learned so much so fast with your weaving! I know mistakes are frustrating but as you say, you learn a lot from them. How exciting it will be to have your own loom! And your stitching is looking as lovely as ever. I like that autumn sampler!

Joan Kyler

I don't know how you find the time to work a full time job, do all this amazing needlework, write long, detailed, delightful blog posts, and read!


The hearts and letter samplers are so pretty! All of it is of course. And, I'm so impressed with your weaving work. It looks so intricate. Can't wait to see how the pieces continue to come along!


I think your weaving looks pretty amazing. It seems like you would have to concentrate fairly hard in order to do it properly. Love the fall sampler, too.

You've inspired me to pick up my sketching again--I'm starting with only five minutes at a time minimum, but I'm doing it every day. This is my first week back at it, so wish me luck.


That autumn sampler is so nice. Looking forward to following you making progress.
I find the colours of your new weaving striking and totally agree with others commenting, you have learned a lot in such a short time.


I have made a lot of mistakes, but I am still pleased with my progress. Too bad I only can work on it on Saturdays for a few hours. A nice way to spend the day, however. I am still borrowing a loom, but the other two ladies and I are tying to figure out how to cobble together something we can keep and own and use at home. Then I will have to find somewhere to hook it up to the wall! The autumn sampler is coming along Very Slowly! But I like the design, too.


I have no children or husband or significant other so my time is my own and I squeeze in things here and there. It is nice to be busy with things I like. The upside to singledom is choosing how I fill in my free time! ;) I still wish I had more free time, though!


The weaving is so cool and I love seeing it grow out of the loom, so to speak. How lucky I have been to find a place to learn it. I wish I had more time to spend on my stitching however.


Once you get a rhythm going with the weaving it is amazing how quickly you can make progress. I hope to work on my fall sampler more this weekend so I can share progress. Yay for sketching--I know you enjoy it and are goo at it. Even ten or fifteen minutes a day means you can make progress over time. Try and get into the habit--it is a nice mental break, too, from the day to day tasks that are not so fun!


The barn is getting there--once I get that stitched I think I will feel more ambitious with it-when you start seeing the picture forming I really want to work on it. The color scheme is quite nice, I agree. That is one thing I love about the designer-the colors are always so inviting. I think it has helped doing needlework to pick up the weaving--since it is all threadwork in a way. Plus I just enjoy it which always makes the work seem less like work and more like pleasure!


You have made amazing progress! I love those quaker hearts too.


Thanks! I do wish I could weave at home and am trying to cobble together some sort of loom. If I can, when I have winter break I could spend lots of time weaving! I am nearly finished with the second side of my Quaker heart, too. Maybe this weekend I can finish it and begin thinking about the edge that will connect front to back!

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