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Ooh, Alex + Ada is on my library list. If the wait for Montress drags on too long perhaps I will request it sooner rather than later. Love your Saga comparison to the old lady that swallowed a fly! So appropriate!


You'll fly through Alex + Ada. I quite enjoyed it and wish there had been more to the story. Saga is very much a saga, isn't it. It is totally addictive. You'll have to let me know what you think of Monstress--it caught my eye, too, but so far it is only on my wishlist since I have plenty of comics to keep me busy right now!

Buried In Print

I've just started dabbling in the medium again myself and had forgotten just how refreshing it is. I know most people are itching for the sixth volume, but I'm still hankering for the 5th. Perhaps if I wait just a little longer for it, I will be able to read them back-to-back. I like the sounds of Alex+Ada too!


I've heard nothing but good things about Alex + Ada and really want to read it. So glad to hear you enjoyed it and of course now I want to know what happens next. I'm going to see if my library carries that one. I do have one graphic novel sitting on my stacks right now and hope I can get to it before I have to return it to the library.


I am disappointed that Alex + Ada wasn't longer, too, but on the plus side it is not a series I have to wait years to finish. lol And, Saga, I love Saga. I cannot wait for Volume 7!


I knew you had done a lot of reading of graphic novels, but I assumed you still were. I guess like other kinds of books--it comes and goes in phases. I made quick work of volume three and just started four and wow, does it veer off in another direction. I broke down and ordered five and six (since I own the others...might as well make it a complete set?). I really enjoyed Alex + Ada. You could read them all in one sitting actually!


It was a good story and I have read lots of good reviews of it, too. I should see which other novels he has written. I totally binged on buying graphic novels in the spring so I have lots of reading ahead of me.


It was quite short as some comic books go, wasn't it! I wonder why he decided to keep it so brief, but maybe it just didn't lend itself to a long ongoing story. I am now on volume four of Saga and have ordered five and six. I wonder when seven will be out?

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