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John Edwards

Oh Gosh - I'd love to see that exhibition as well. There is another project for me - to photograph all Liverpool's libraries. Sadly there are only about twenty now - there were thirty when I worked there in the 1960s/1970s and I managed to work at least one day in all except one.


What a wonderful exhibition. Too bad NY is so far away!


The library exhibit sounds delicious! Incidentally, I thought of you today; there is a 2017 calendar in B&N of women reading.


Libraries are just the best, aren't they? They seem like sort of a miracle to me: a place where you can get books, movies, music, magazines (and more) for FREE? (I know our taxes pay for them, but I don't mind that a bit. Finally a project I can get behind.)

I would love to see that exhibit, but doubt a trip to NY is on the books for me. My son is going in November to visit his girlfriend who is in college there, but I doubt I can convince him to go in my stead!


I immediately started thinking maybe I should look and see what the cost of airfare sister and I had talked of trying to spend a weekend in NYC this fall. Well, I can dream anyway--I have so many other expenses that need to come first--my kitchen needs new tile (direly so...) and my computer is practically taking its last gasps of air each time I turn it on, so I think I will look for an inexpensive laptop to replace it. But it is a nice thought--at least I have seen some of the photos online. How cool that you worked in nearly all Liverpool's libraries. How many were there to begin with? So sad to think the number is dwindling!


I know--no long weekend car trip there! At least they have shared some of the photos online.


I usually get that same calendar and really should order mine now before they run out. I put mine up in my cubicle at work and then find a mini art calendar for my computer room at home. :)


My public library has started allowing check outs on 'Items'--like toys and sewing machines--things people might want to use once or try before buying. Someone who works there was telling me about the program and how they asked patrons for ideas and someone suggested having cats for check out! Ha, had to laugh on that one. Imagine dropping poor kitty into the curbside drop box! Needless to say, pets are not included in the materials for check out. I know I don't mind my taxes being spent on libraries--everyone should have access to information and books of all kinds. Does your son's girlfriend like to read? Maybe you can hint to her...and then to please her he will go? :)


I wanted to belatedly thank you for alerting me to this exhibit - I went to see it today, after noting down the details after you posted about it way back in September, and it was really pleasing. I came to NYC for college and stayed, so I've been here for about 16 and a half years now, and it was cool to see libraries I've been into but not recently, libraries I go to regularly, libraries I've only seen from outside, and libraries I've never seen at all. So neat!


Hi Heather--You are welcome! That is so cool--I am glad someone I know got to go. It sounded like such a great exhibit--all the more so that you know some of the places from having used the libraries or seen them/visited them. I wish I could have seen it, but at least they showed some of the photos online! Happy New Year Heather!

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