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What a great NYRB read. I haven't heard of this writer but I'm intrigued. And, I think I would open the package. I would love to know what was waiting for me :)


I like this little excerpt you include from Girlfriends, Ghosts. "I never wrote poems in summer."


I've seen this book popping up and got emails from NYRBs but I thought it was short stories. Now you have my interest! Love the excerpt you shared!


Yay another piece about poetry:). Reading it and and seeing how much you like it made me think that maybe prose poems would be another good way into reading poetry ?! Wishing you a lovely time in the company of Robert Walser.


Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Looks like you will have many pleasant hours in Walser's company.


I had heard of him--my library has another of his collections of stories but I had not read him. And I had no idea he wrote so many books. Sometimes I try and wait to open my book parcels--to have something nice to look forward to at the end of the day--but there are times when I just rip it right open standing before my desk right when I get home from work! ;)


Isn't it great? I am very much enjoying this book. It is something nice to carry around and pull out to just read one of the short pieces. Many of the works are literally just one page. I can read one while waiting for the bus and you can see the charm of the writing!


I think they are sort of meant to be short stories, but they don't seem like it, do they? I am not sure how to classify them. Just little vignette-y works. Sort of musings--maybe that is the best word for them? I really loved this one--so eloquently put. Now I might have to buy something else by him....


Hmm. Maybe I am on a poetry roll! See, you have inspired me! Not quite poems but a way of thinking about poetry, which is just as good I think. (And perhaps a natural step to getting to poetry itself?). Now I will have to investigate prose poetry--I am very uneducated when it comes to poetry. I like Robert Walser very much indeed!


It is a short book but such lovely bite-size pieces means I can draw it out as long as I like (which might not be long at all since I keep picking it up throughout the day).

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