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You have a wonderful collection of NYRB books! I've been tempted to ask for a subscription as a gift but then I also find other shiny books that I must have! haha... Love how you put together a tab for your NYRB reads. That's helpful for us who want to read more of them too!


The Memories book set in 1918 sounds like one I would read, I enjoy reading memoirs. To keep track of books I read I write the title and author on a huge list, with the date I read it. I don't count them, maybe I will one day. More than 50 a year I am sure.


Has it really been 4 years of NYRBs? I keep thinking it was only a year or two ago that I had my year's subscription. These all sound so good and I am glad to hear they continue to publish such excellent books.


Both Modiano and Giono are authors I would like to read more of and these slim books seem to be just perfect for me too. Will have a look if my library or ILL can bring them to me.


These sound so interesting. I've started looking for NYRB books as well as Virago Modern Classics in used book stores. I'm afraid I'd get dreadfully behind if I had a subscription. One look at my TBR shelves tells me that. I'll add these authors to my list, as well, as they sound like something special.

Susan E

I'm always tempted to sign up for a NYRB subscription after hearing about the good books you are reading from them, and I was inspired by your earlier mentions to try the Teffi memoir. As you said so well, it's a glimpse into a faded world. Not something I would ordinarily have picked up, but a story and narrator that I savored. Thanks for sharing your subscription with us ;)


They have certainly accumulated. I started looking at the piles and was surprised by how many there were. I need a bookcase for them alone--I could easily fill at least half a narrow bookcase--maybe fill it out with my Melville House novellas! It took me a while to figure out which books came which months and years. I didn't realize that I had been subscribing for so long.


Teffi's book, Memories, was so interesting. If you like history you would enjoy this. She has such an interesting voice--funny and ironic. I really need to read more of her short stories now. I have been very bad this year of keeping track of the books I have read. At least I can use my sidebar list to fill out my 'reading year list' but I should work on it now rather than wait until December 30th! 50 is a lot of books, isn't it!


Yes, can you believe it? Time certainly flies. One of those years was really awful as they came in and I must have just kept stacking them in a corner, but then the last couple of years have not been good reading years. I think this year has improved immensely. They do publish good stuff--I am willing to try any of their books and am usually happily surprised.


I think you were one of the readers who turned me on to Giono's work. He wrote so many books, too. I like Patrick Modiano a lot and would like to read much more by him and they seem to be publishing lots of his back list now. (Or translating it into English anyway). Yes, the nice thing is they are generally quite slim stories and very manageable reading.


I look for them, too, but I have to be more selective as I find NYRBs very often and Viragos hardly at all. In the last couple of years I did awful at keeping up but I think I have a chance of reading most of them this year. We'll see. At least I can always go back to them whenever I feel the urge.


I love my subscription. It is a definitely splurge up front but when I think of what I buy during the year, it is not so bad. They are lovely books and good books, too. I figure a personal library is meant to be used for a lifetime so I can read them and revisit them whenever. And not knowing what you will get is actually sort of fun--I have made lots of good discoveries this way--they publish lots of books in translation which I think can only be a good thing. Often many of the books will be among my favorites for the year, too.


I would subscribe to these if they weren't so expensive from Europe.
I think I've got both the Giono the Modiano and one of Teffi's collections.
The NYRB books are all so tempting.


It's a pity there is not a European distributor that could do the subscription thing over there--I bet they would have lots of subscribers. The books are lovely and well worth the cost, but we get free shipping here plus I think the price per book ends up being slightly discounted which makes it more affordable. I just renewed my subscription this weekend for next year! I think Pushkin has printed Teffi in Europe and of course you can read Modiano and Giono in the original language, too! I enjoyed them all!

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