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I read nearly all Daphne du Maurier's books and short stories in my teens and early 20's and have been thinking it would be good to revisit them again especially as I have a copy of Justine Picardie's book as well - somewhere!
There is also of course that book of ghost stories that I just HAD to have about four years ago from which I have read very little - I really should search that out and finally get around to reading some more!


I think I have read most of her short stories but only a few of her novels. I think, though, I must own all her books with the intent of course of reading through them all! I go in phases and I feel like entering a new one... I have to admit I just ordered two of the new Virago reissues--couldn't help myself as the designs of the books/covers are so much nicer than the old editions I have. So very bad of me who should be saving money (not spending more on books I have no room for--but you know how that goes). I wonder if the book of ghost stories is the NYRB classics edition? I actually read that one fall several years ago--if it is the same book. And I have the Picardie book--right within arm's reach as a matter of fact.... ;)


Offhand I can't remember which compilation of ghost stories I have but don't think it is NYRB. More likely OUP but will have to check - so long as I can find it: things are in a bit of a muddle in my book storage places as we have a lot of the kids' stuff still here and taking up a lot of space but I am having no luck in getting any of them to take responsibility for it!
I know the temptation of Virago new editions - it is their fault that I have multiple copies of all Winifred Holtby's books because despite already possessing copies, I couldn't resist the 30's style covers of the most recent re-issues! That can't happen any more as I really don't have the spare funds AT ALL - but I still can't bring myself to part with any of them!

I really love D du M, but my favourites of her books were always the less famous ones like The Loving Spirit and The King's General and The House on the Strand ( a very good time slip story as I recall) There are still a couple I haven't read (including Rebecca!) so maybe I will get round to those in the near future!


I'm planning on joining in again this year. Will have a post up later in the week. I've read the Alex Marwood book earlier this year. It was good, by the way. Also plan to read the Ruth Ware book. Read her first one and liked it. I love to read the ghostly things in fall!


I hate it when I know I own a book but then am not sure which pile it is in! Inevitably it is in the row of books on the shelf Behind the row facing out and at the most difficult place to get to--or the bottom of the biggest pile in the back of all the other piles! I do have all my Viragos (including all my du Mauriers) on a book case in my bedroom which is easily accessible. I have read Rebecca about three times now--you have to read it--so good! I am wavering between House on the Strand and Scapegoat as a matter of fact. I like time slip stories. I have not yet read the other two you mention...but I have them both! It is so easy to leave stuff behind at parent's houses! I have some things stored at my mom's house and would happily take them, however, they are smushed into the back of a closet that I cannot easily get to. My mom always says she'll pull the things out eventually but I have little hope of that happening any time soon.... So I guess it is the reverse for me!


I am looking forward to seeing what others choose to read-I always get great reading ideas this way. Glad to hear you liked the Marwood book--can't wait to get that library copy. The Ruth Ware book sounds creepily suspenseful as well. Maybe I should go pull it out now and dip into it this weekend. I like ghost stories at this time of year as well!


Ooh, lots of suspenseful, spooky choices, and I don't think I've read any of them. I'm particularly interested in Patricia Highsmith (never read anything by her) and in Daphne DuMaurier--and would like to read the Picardie, and The Woman in Cabin 10 (just read In a Dark, Dark Wood)--guess I'd better get to my library to see what I can find.


I love seeing your list of possibilities. I'm really interested in the Ruth Ware book and several others. I hope you read some great books and looking forward to hearing about them. I'm planning to join too and just need to put my list together :)


I have only read one of the Ripley books, which I very much liked. I am ready for some spooky reads, too. I am pretty sure I will add in a Daphne du Maurier book (I love her short stories) and it would make such a good companion book to the Picardie. And I had the Ruth Ware book in hand this morning as I was eating breakfast--to look at, however, I was tempted to add it to my bookbag but then didn't. I just need to keep my 'book starts' under control so they are manageable!


I thought I would keep it really simple and initially had just two books in mind, but then I started looking at my bookshelves and there went that plan! Now I have more books I want to read than I have time for. Always the same problem! I look forward to seeing what you choose now!

Buried In Print

Like you, I began by thinking about just a couple of books, but then I realized just how many in my stacks would fit the bill. But, of course, there are other reading projects competing for reading hours too! There is some overlap between our imagined lists (Wyndham and Jackson) but I guess we'll have to see where we each actually end up in terms of reading vs. planning!


I Always overdo it, as you well know! ;) At least all the books I had in mind are also on my shelves, which totally makes it okay. I am back into that loop of starting more books than I am (or can reasonably) finish. So it is all reading bits and pieces and not finishing anything. Let me know if you do indeed read either Jackson or Wyndham and which books. I *want* to read both, of course....


You have one of my favourite ever books as R I P reading! The Crying Child is just brilliant - I was 15 when I found it in a little bookshop in the Cotswolds and as well as making me sleep with the light on for the next couple of nights it inspired a lifelong love of Eastern Seabord islands and Maine Coons. What more can you want?
Must find my copy ASAP!


Why did I think you had already read Hangsaman? I like you list. I will be looking forward to hearing what you think as potentials for my own list next year! :)


You are not the only reader to have told me that--this seems to be a favorite of readers and I can see why! Did you find your copy? I am about a third of the way in--join me! I think you may have suggested it to begin with and as I have always wanted to visit Maine--perfect setting for me. Must look up those cats--they are very furry, aren't they--have dense coats? I miss my cats still....


Probably because I meant to read it one past RIP season. I think I might even have picked it up and cracked it open, but then it got set aside. I have a particular knack for doing that.... Maybe I'll go and pull it from the shelf now...hey, what's one more books.... uuuuuuuhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhh! ;)

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