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Kathy Johnson

I've gotten terribly behind in my blog reading lately, but am trying to catch up this week. I very much like the sound of Fiercombe Manor, and I was just thinking about Daphne DuMaurier, and how I've only read one or two of her books but would like to read more. Perhaps if I start reading some atmospheric fiction, fall will come along one of these days? I've already had my first pumpkin spice latte, so even though the temps are still in the 90s (and likely to continue so), maybe I can fool myself into thinking it's fall!


You really have been starting lots of books lately! I am in the middle of lots of books and trying to not start any new ones until I finish a couple but it is sooo hard! The Jacob Wetterling case is a huge thing here. I didn't live here when it happened but those who remember it were all quite affected when they finally caught the guy who did it.


THE CRYING CHILD is one of my favorite Barbara Michaels books. And one of the creepiest, to my way of thinking. I think I first read it when I was in my teens - late at night - curled up in bed. I need to reread it. It's been a long time. ;-)

Sam Sattler

The more blog-reading and bookstore visiting I do, the more books I tend to start at the same time. Seems like I run out of patience to finish a book and get overwhelmed by the curiosity about what other books in my stack are going to be like. It's kind of like opening Christmas packages...same feeling for me. And then suddenly I find myself working on six or eight books at the same time. So, of course, that slows me down in actually finishing one or two of them...and I lose patience again and add another book or two to those I'm in the process of reading. It's a vicious cycle.


You and me both. I can't even seem to keep up here sadly. Maybe when the weather turns it will be easier? You should try some of Daphne du Maurier's short stories--she is one of my favorite short story writers! I think you would like Fiercombe Manor--perfect for this time of year. Fall is not much evident here either--maybe I need a little pumpkin-something too to get in the mood?!


Yes, the reading is truly out of control at the moment. I am not sure what is going on or how to rein it in! The Jacob Wetterling murder is so horribly sad and disconcerting to think of all the missed opportunities. His poor family has waited so long for answers. So depressing to think the man who murdered him has been walking free all these years.


I think she is absolutely delightful and I love her Amelia Peabody mysteries, too. I can see where this would be a favorite and you are not the only one to say so. A late discovery for me, but better late than not at all. I am enjoying it immensely and am trying to pace myself. Maybe I will see what else by her I have on hand. Do you have any other favorites by her you can suggest?


Now that sounds awfully familiar. I think that is exactly my problem. Someone talks about a book and then I Have to start it right now, too. Or it is simply a matter of a mood swing and I will think of some sort of story that appeals and mentally scan my shelves always finding just the book to fit the desire. But yes, looking and reading about books is a dangerous thing. I wish I could focus more but I am always ready for the next book it seems, no matter how much I am enjoying my current reads. I often think I will make myself choose just one book to take with me to work--concentrate solely on that book and see how it goes--the progress I can make. But then it scares me to have Just One book! Then I think, okay, you can take two, but how to choose those two? Vicious cycle! I have lots of self control in my life, but when it comes to books? Zero!


You say that Fiercombe Manor is a ghost story that reminds you of Simone St. James's novels? I'm in. I love a good ghost story, and all of St. James's novels. :) And while The Crying Game isn't B. Michaels best novel, it's still a pretty good one. Happy Reading!


Ah Barbara Michaels - great choice for RIP. I have only started one book for the challenge but am itching to get to more spooky reads. Really curious to hear your thoughts on Villain.


My favorite Barbara Michaels book is House of Many Shadows. I can't tell you how many times I've read it..even though I know exactly what's going to happen when.

Recently discovered Simone St James...she writes a good ghost story. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up!


Do you have a favorite book by Barbara Micheaels? I have not read many of her standalones--mostly just read her Amelia Peabody mysteries which I think are great fun. And the ghost story is very much in the realm of that created by Simone St. James. I really must catch up on her books soon, too!


As Stefanie called it--RIP lite! :) But she is great fun. I have to add in a few ghost (short) stories. I love this genre. And so far I am very much 'enjoying' Villain. Have you read it?


Had to look it up and indeed it sounds like a fun and spooky read. Something for a crisp cool night with the rain pelting the windows perhaps. I have added it to my wishlist. Isn't Simone St James great? I have very much enjoyed the books by her I have read!

Buried In Print

You? Starting new books? Pshaw. It can't be. :) Hope you're into a bunch of good stuff! And then into more of it, of course!


You should see the bedside piles of possibilities...they have grown (it was all that rain we got last week...heh). I am trying hard to concentrate on a few in order to accomplish something, but you know how it goes! Did you start the second Jane Smiley book? I read your post (and have as yet not gotten the opportunity to go out and leave a comment). I have it on my night stand, but it is such a chunky book that I really do need to finish something else before dragging it along in my bookbag!


I'm so behind with blog reading... but as soon as you mentioned a good podcast, I am willing to try it! (I was addicted to Serial season 1 and am a total newbie when it comes to true crime)


Me, too, so don't feel bad. And my computer is dying so it makes commenting and blogging even harder. Do give the podcast a go, I am addicted to it and want to try Serial as well since I have heard many good things about it. True Crime can be a little too realistic and hard going for me sometimes, but it really is interesting.

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