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So nice the book was on your shelf waiting for the exact right moment! Sounds like a really interesting book too. Is it just about weaving or does it cover a whole bunch of different things?


It's great to read a book that enhances your own learning experience so well- or is it the other way around? I don't think I'd get as much out of this one as you are! Sounds like the book was just waiting for the right moment for you.


So true. I know there are books on my shelves that I want to read but there are some that need just the right moment. Oh and I didn't realize the weaving you were learning is something done on the floor! Oh my... Yes, how do you keep from not feeling pain in your back and/or legs? I'm sure you are appreciating this book so much more with what you have now learned in your class!


I can see me trying to read this before but then setting it aside! It is not hard reading and it is really interesting, but I am more keen on it now that I am actually doing it. So far it is mostly weaving, but since it is history there is also lots of good social history, too. I think the chapter on how to do it is for the layperson to get an idea of the process, but after it will be more history-oriented. Well, we'll see!


I think it must work both ways actually! :) Sometimes something I read will pique my interest to explore more and sometimes I learn something and then want to read about it. I think you would actually quite enjoy this--you read lots of nonfiction and I don't think you have to weave to appreciate it, but for me I am so excited about it all right now that it is all the more enjoyable.


This is why I always am afraid to weed too much. There is always at least one book I give away that later I want to read so much I ened up buying (or borrowing) another copy! There are different types of looms--I think most people are familiar with floor or table top looms--the big ones. Mine is a type of weaving that is also very common in Guatemala, and I bet you have seen pictures of women weaving, All those really colorful skirts and clothes--they are likely done on a backstrap loom. Strangely I have no problem sitting flat on the floor-even a hard floor, but if I am slumped over too much or too tense in the way I am holding the loom, my back does start to tire. I am usually okay if I get up and walk a bit. I wonder how I would feel if I did it for long periods of time every day. I think some women sit on low stools, too, but more often they are simply sitting on the floor.

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