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And THAT is why we read. To remember we are not alone. To feel less "other." I always love it when I come across passages in a book that resonate with my "notion of life." Most recently, I had that experience with Chosen Forever, by Susan Richardson.

Happy reading this weekend, Danielle!


What a great read. I love the cover of it too. I hope you've been able to enjoy a reading weekend. I've been dipping into various books this weekend and that's been fun.


It really is nice to know there are others out there feeling just the same way I do, and that some problems have always existed. I feel less a misfit! ;) I am not familiar with Susan Richards so had to look her up and the book indeed sounds right up your alley! I like the idea of a day after--what happens when what you most want to happen, well...happens! Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to accepting success as much as failure. Yesterday I was somewhere where a lady asked the cost of some treat, and a guy in line ahead of her said, go ahead and buy it--you're worth it and I thought how nice and what a true thing to say, but you never hear and I know I don't often tell myself!


I never get in enough reading, but I have picked up a new book of short stories and made progress on a few other books, so it is all good! I like being able to dip into a variety of reads and am happy to hear you were able to do just that! :)


What a wonderful passage! So glad the book has re-sparked your interest. It sounds like a good one!


I was worried there--I hate the idea of another failed read, which I have had a fair number of this year sadly.

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