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Good idea about the protective tape....I read this at least twice some years ago and my paperback copy eventually disintegrated into two separate books! But I loved it!


Wow, rather soap opera-y but in a good way! Plus makes you want to keep reading, at least it would me!


It was already (not even 100 pages in) starting to look a little rough and the corner frayed, so this might make it last until I finish it... I am very much enjoying it so far, too!


Definitely in a good way. There are lots of different threads to follow, so this is going to be one of those sweeping family dramas. It does help to move the story along when there is some excitement along the way!

Buried In Print

Somehow I found out who the suitable boy is, while I was reading this (about 1/4 through) and then I lost all interest. I still haven't forgotten. Sigh.


Now that IS a disappointment. At least there is so much detail with all the other characters that I should be kept well and truly busy with the story. As yet Lata has no love interest--but I look forward to reading about the suitable, and unsuitable, candidates. I will be careful not to read anything about the book and spoil my fun....

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