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Back in the days when work still kept me busy I was reading this really big book about Changemanagement by Peter Senge. It was such a good reading experience - informative/valuable - that I thought I couldn't do without it. So it came to work and back with me daily. Like your ASB its looks soon suffered. So - and I hadn't done that before - and only a few times after, I took a very sharp knife and made a very neat pile of all chapters. I told myself I could buy myself a whole new copy if I'd like it still that much after finishing it...


You are really moving along! And hooray for third tries! you are going to make it past your other attempts! you give me hope that when I set out to read Volume three of Proust for the third time that i will conquer it at last. Don't ask me when I will do this, 2017 maybe?


Do you know, I have actually seriously thought of cutting the book into three or four smaller sections, but I cannot quite bring myself to do it. I can easily buy another copy (or look for a used, banged up copy to break into parts). It would make life so much easier not to have to carry such a massive book around. I didn't have it over the weekend as I was trying to finish a library book and I kept thinking longingly of it--how much I felt like reading it!


It's only a section a week so far, which still means I will be reading it well into the new year, but as long as I make some stead progress I am happy. I am also very much getting into the story and liking the characters, or becoming involved with them anyway. Maybe we can read some chunky books (even if they are not the same one) in tandem in the new year--make some sort of reading plan and loose schedule and then root each other on! :)


That could be fun! Any in particular you have in mind?


Hmmm. Now THAT is a dangerous question. All of a sudden my imagination is off and running. I have long long long long had Homer's Iliad and Odyssey on my pile. But then there are some of Dickens longer (um, did he write short books...) novels, or maybe a Trollope. There is Anthony Powell's quartet of novels. Buddenbrooks. Fanny Burney (definitely Fanny Burney--I think she needs to be read in tandem with others). Or maybe not a classic, but some other massive tome. Must think on this.... Do you have any chunky books nagging at you (or is that a really silly question?!).


Silly question! Proust is nagging and some fantasy novels but I won't subject you to any of those! I've read Homer a couple times so am more interested in something else. If you want to go old though, have you read Dante? Or even the Aeneid? Didn't you already start in on Powell? Dickens is always good and I haven't read any Fanny Burney and only one Trollope.


I haven't read Dante since I was in high school, so it has been a while! I have not read the Aeneid and is also on my wishlist--as is Ovid's Metamorphoses, so I would be up for any of those. I did start Powell and like Suitable Boy that was a massive book that just lapsed, but I would still like to read the quartet. Ditto with Burney--I have started her but I have been bad at starting and not sticking with books. (Which is what I am trying to remedy with ASB here--maybe if I can manage it I will be back on the right track with my chunky classics). Something to think about-everything sounds tempting, of course!


We have time to think. Let's see what we are in the mood for when you are done with Suitable Boy :)


Definitely time to think. And you know how it goes. At the moment I am in the mood for one book, but in two months it will likely be something else entirely. Still, always fun to think about and see what calls out above the others. Am very much enjoying ASB and am quite enjoying the story--no need to rush with it, over than the desire to find out what happens!

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