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Elizabeth Schmid

Gosh! what a lot of things you have to choose from!
I like the sound of "The End of Days" particularly.
I'm reading The Way We Live Now by Trollope - and it is wonderful but very large!
just finished a big Katherine Mansfield jag!
Warmest wishes


And I actually had to cut my pile down as I have other German lit books I could have piled on top.... I like the sound of the Erpenbeck, too. I have never tried her, but my library has several of her books. They all sound very interesting. I keep looking at Trollope. Maybe next year I will try and focus on classics.... Katherine Mansfield is wonderful--did you just read stories or any of her diaries? Another fun project to read stories and diaries in tandem. Lovely to hear from you--hope your Fall is going well!


What a great list and thanks for the link.
Archer's book is set in Salzburg - I forgot to mention it earlier.
It's so gripping.
You've managed to come up with a few titles I'd not heard of (Ullmann and Humann's anthology).
I've had The Bridge of the Golden Horn on my piles for years too. I guess, once again, I will not get to it.


Lots of good choices as usual! I look forward to hearing about them as you read (and finish)!


I was hoping for Vienna (I never stopped in Salzburg, just flew by it in the train), but I don't mind really---just like feeling like I am again in Austria! I wonder if all her books are set there? Have you read any of her other work? I very much hope they publish more over here. The reviews all seem really positive, so perhaps they will. I came across that story collection just by chance and it looks like it was never even opened, so I must be the first reader! I am looking forward to dipping into it. And The Bridge of the Golden Horn has also been on my pile for years--I do hope to get to it this month! Forgot I even ordered it, but the Kempwoski, All for Nothing, came in the mail yesterday so it is another book to keep me busy. I am going to be really ambitious this month it seems!


This crime novel is reading really quickly--I want to be better at writing about the books I have been finishing-I have been really lazy this summer. It may be almost all German lit this month for me!


You've got some great books to choose from! I haven't read any of these but On Tangled Paths really stands out to me. Hope you enjoy your German reads!


At some point I really do want to get to On Tangled Paths, maybe even this month still. I have read one other book by Fontane and I liked it very much and have long wanted to try one of his other books!

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