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I am very tempted to join you in this. I have only attempted this book once before when Dovegreyreader was doing a read along and I don't think I got past about 100 pages that time probably because there was a lot going on in everyday life though I suspect that I really didn't take much distracting!
I am currently reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall as a classic read and enjoying it but I don't see why I can't fit both in if I give it a bit of thought and I can certainly do with challenging myself a little.
Now all I have to do is work out where I put my copy!


I loved ASB. I read it not long after it was published & I remember taking it back to the library unopened several times & putting myself back to the end of the queue. Finally, I was home for a few days with a cold (one of those lovely colds when you're not too sick to read) & I read most of it in about 4 days. I had the same sort of experience with Les Miserables, reading in big chunks over a few days. I do love long books & I know you do too so I hope you can stick to your plan. Good luck!

John Edwards

When I see a long book like that I just think of it as a trilogy - in which case it is simply three books of 500 pages. No problem there!
On a totally different topic - is there a facility on typePad to put a search button like there is on Google? I often want to check whether you have read a book and what you thought of it but there doesn't seem to be any way of doing that.
I've just started '26a' by Diana Evans (2005) and am loving it.


I think you'll really like it, though it's debatable whether the right marriage is made in the end. I read this a couple years ago with some friends -- a support group definitely helps. And even though Indian Summers is set some time earlier, it sets up the political backdrop.


Oh my, that is indeed a 'big'book :). I will probably never read it, but at least I now can follow what you are going to share here. That's quite a service you offer!


I hope to read this one sometime but now is not the time otherwise I would join you! good luck on this third time!


Oh, do! I also was a DGR joiner but I only got as far as page 155 or so. I had every intention of reading along but when I quickly fell behind, well, that was that and I gave up. If you read, too, we can urge each other on! I figure this is a modern classic, so it will count for my big classic read of the year. I really do want to read more of the Brontes....someday. Hopefully your copy will not be hard to track down again! Dust it off and crack it open! :)


I bought it right away, too, and even have (or had, maybe I gave it away since I decided a paperback would be easier to cart around) the cloth edition. I like a story that you can lose yourself in and I think I just need a few uninterrupted reading sessions to get going on it. The one upside to having a cold is being stuck in bed resting so perfect reading time. I had mixed feelings about Les Miserables, but I was happy to read it--just got a little bogged down at parts of the story. Even if I only read ten pages a day I will try and stick it out. Once I get past the point where I left off and am into new story-territory, I think it will really be appealing to pick up every day.


I think that, too. It's just several books back to back--no problem at all. And heaven knows I carry around several books at once anyway. I do have a search box, which was tucked away at the very bottom of the page--and now I have moved it up to closer to the top of the page on the left sidebar. I think it does work relatively well--I tried a few searches of books I know I read and wrote about and it came up with good results. I vaguely remember reading something about 26a when it came out so now will have to track down a copy since you are liking it so much--thanks!


It's funny as I always have enjoyed what I have read, but it is only the sheer size and the fact that I lug my books on the buss and walking that has ever made me set it aside. The story is really very engaging right from the start, so I will read it now with a new determination. My copy may end up very banged up by the time I finish. It does help to read along with others (I think I read Middlemarch when you set up a group-how many years ago was that now?--If you get back to reading big books again with a group--do let me know!!). Indian Summers is a nice runner up to the story since indeed it is about the waning British rule--it's also wonderfully dramatic which makes for compelling watching!


It is! It has long been on my reading pile. Sometimes reading about a book is enough for me, too, rather than me actually reading it--so you can follow along vicariously!


Are you sure you can't be tempted? ;) Actually I totally understand that timing thing and having other books that are calling for all your attention at the moment! Just poke and prod me along from the sidelines and you will be a great help!

gina in alabama

Suitable Boy is on my post colonial list along with Midnight's Children (Rushdie), the Raj Quartet and Staying On (Scott) and Sunlight on a Broken Column (Hosain) among others. Also Seth has promised A Suitable Girl (a sequel of sorts i think) for 2018 according to Amazon UK. I will follow your journey with interst, I may be encouraged to join in!


You can do it, Danielle! I wish I could tackle a big reading project - like finally finish Don Quixote but I just don't have a lot of discipline I guess. Maybe when I'm retired :)


I also have the Rushdie--a recent acquisition and thought of reading the Raj Quartet, too. Have not heard of the other books you mention, but I am excited at the propect of a Suitable Girl and now must google it and see what I can find about it. Do feel free to join in--I will try and post each week on my progress and we can chat about it if you do!


My discipline has been pretty bad this year, though I am reading more than the previous year, which was so very off. Don Quixote was one of my long classics, when I was so very good at reading classics...that is where I am still falling short this year.

Susan E

I've heard so much about A Suitable Boy that I'm very curious to see what you think. Coincidentally I'm reading another (shorter) book by Vikram Seth right now about his trip home to India from China through Tibet called From Heaven Lake, (and in another coincidence, I got it on sale from Daedalus Books awhile ago). I'm enjoying his sharp eye for detail, inquisitive nature and well crafted prose. Look forward to hearing more about your reading adventures with A Suitable Boy.


I missed that one in the Daedalus catalog--may have to go back and look again. His writing is indeed beautiful. I have been reading ASB this weekend and very much am enjoying it. I will be happy when I get passed that "already read this" part and into "new" story, but I actually don't even mind the familiarity of the story so far. I love the exoticism of reading about a place like India--I imagine that travel narrative makes for fascinating reading, too.

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