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Oh, I hope you'll like the Saint Fiacre affair, it's a good one! I love me some good Maigret once in a while, and Simenon wrote so many of them that I feel I will never finish the pile. Agatha Raisin is also a good one, in a very different style. The first few in the series are very entertaining, after a while she ends up a bit repetitive but I guess you'll enjoy the fun of those 2!


I am reading the Laurie King Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series too. I do highly recommend the C.J. Box series, set today in the wild areas of the American west.

Joan Kyler

I read several books at a time, but I usually don't allow myself to start a new book until I've finished one of the ones I'm reading. Unless the new one is a library book with a waiting list.
Agatha Raisin is a fun series. I sometimes want to shake Agatha when she's being self-defeating, which she often is. But she's lovable and I like her village.
For a faster paced mystery series, have you read any of Camilla Lackberg's books? (I'm feeling a bit like a pusher here, tempting someone who's already hooked on books!) I think the series is best read in order, though, as she often leaves a part of the story to be continued in the next book. But the mystery is always satisfactorily solved at the end of the book.


Too bad the book began with so much excitement and then spluttered out in the end. But it sounds like you have lots of potentially good possibilities to choose from next!


I agree--it is a good one. I like Simenon a lot and have enjoyed the few books by him I have picked up. The nice thing is having so very many to choose from. I like that there is just enough description to feel like I am somewhere else but the solving of the mystery is what the main focus of the story is. I have seen those Agatha Raisin books all over the place but never thought of reading any of them--but the nice packaging of the book made me finally pick it up. I am not sure if it is a series I will pursue, but I think I will enjoy those first two--plus I think the TV adaptation will be shown here in the US at some point.


I am moving really slowly through the Mary Russell books but I enjoy each one as I read them. I am on The Game now. Which are you reading? I have been tempted by CJ Box and know I have one of his books on my piles. Not sure why I drag my feet when it comes to mysteries/thrillers set in the US--I guess I want the 'exotic' and different by reading books with foreign settings.


It would seem that this is how I get myself into so much trouble--just starting books on whims and not finishing. Sometimes, though, I should probably just set a book aside completely if it is not clicking, but when I have gotten to a certain point I hate giving up--I think of all that time spent reading and it seems like such a failure and a waste of good reading time. Crazy. I am however, really trying to finish books before picking up something new. I am very curious about Agatha Raisin-I tried to find a trailer of the TV adaptation, but no luck. I am always happy to be 'pushed' when it comes to books, so no worries there! I tried the first Camilla Lackberg mystery but I set it aside--I think the timing was just off (my bad reading habits as noted above) but I have every intention of giving the series another go since each book that comes out sounds so appealing. (I will try not to go now and pull the book from my TBR pile.....). ;)


I think it was more me than anything else. I wanted something spookier and faster moving and it was more quiet and thoughtful, which is fine, too, but my expectations were just different. I still have lots and lots of other good books on the go, though, you're right!


I hate it when I feel like I am not making any progress in my books. I also finally finished a book this weekend! Yay!
I'm really looking forward to German Lit Month. Of course now to think of my potential reads :)

Buried In Print

*exuberant clapping*

Maybe this week I will finish the most recent Greg Iles mystery novel, which I really like, but I think I started it at the end of July: it's 860 pages long. I'm not sure I'm cut out for long books during literary-prizelist season!


I feel like I have been reading the same three or four books Forever. I think once I get a few hangers-on finished things will feel less like they are dragging. It is nice to have that sense of accomplishment for finishing a book--and then being able to choose a new read. I look forward to seeing your list of German Lit books, too!


Ah, thank you, thank you. I feel like taking a bow! :) I hate to admit when I started some of the books on my reading (and languishing) pile. This is why I am seriously cleaning house in the next two months. I'd say reading from prize lists calls for short stories and novellas!


October has been a very odd month reading wise - I won't even reach double figures unless I really get a move on in the next five days and that isn't like me at all.
I have given up making any sort of reading plans - just ploughing through my piles and resisting the temptation to add any more books to my library requests no matter how much I want to read something!
I do admire you reading so widely - I'm not sure I could manage anything challenging at present so I haven't even looked at the Booker short list after my failure to cope with Eileen.


You are still doing better than me--I have finished all of TWO books so far this month. It is almost a little defeating but I just have to let it go and move on. That said, I am down to less than 100 or so pages in four books so I might still end up with a reasonable number of finishes (more normal for me as well). My end of the year plans are pretty loose and I suspect a lot of books are simply going to go back to the bookshelves--no questions asked.... I want to start fresh next year (there will be a few carryovers but a Very Few). I want something new and fun to look forward to. If I finish my NYRBs still this year I will be very satisfied indeed! (BTW--I put Eileen back, too. Just a wrong book for the moment, I think--and I likely won't be picking up any other books from that list for the foreseeable future....). I hope all is well with you otherwise--did you ever find A Suitable Boy? What have you been reading--anything especially good? My reading has been a little meh in some cases, which is part of my problem I think.


I find it hard to understand how a book as big as A Suitable Boy can completely disappear but that is what it seems to have done !
Logically I know it is somewhere (everything has to be somewhere!) but can I find it? Can I heck! Can't find The Crying Child either but as that is only a small book, I have given myself some leeway especially as it is possible that my daughter may have taken it with her.

I think a lot of my reading has been a bit 'meh' this month too: books I thought would be good and I would have had no trouble being absorbed in have been real struggles (yes you Tana French) and I wasn't as fond of Maria Semple's new book as I had hoped as I loved 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette' but somehow Today Will Be Different just didn't appeal in quite the same way.
I have enjoyed Lucy Foley's new book The Invitation and the third part of Cynthia Harrod-Eagles' series following a family through WW1 (The Land of My Dreams - 1916) was every bit as good as the others as was the final part of Elizabeth Chadwick's trilogy about Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Last month I really enjoyed The Unseeing by Anna Mazzola and have I mentioned Lucie Whitehouse's Keep You Close before? If not, take a look out for it as I found it almost impossible to put down!


The two books are probably tucked away together hand in hand. Hah! It is amazing how (indeed) a big book can disappear just as easily as a small one. At least if it is in a pile of books, it will be easy to spot from the side. I can't remember if you are a Georgette Heyer fan or not, but I am sort of in the mood for something by her--though Elizabeth Peters is most definitely a little 'racier' (which is a huge exaggeration, but compared to Heyer, she is!). Oct was a very Meh month for me. Some books were more enjoyable than others, but I just got really bogged down and am hoping that turning the calendar page will make it all better--a fresh start. Do you know I have checked out Lucy Foley's new book like three times. It is only down to it being a hardcover and a library book with a line of people waiting for it. Maybe I will just wait for the paper at this point. Still need to pick up those CHE books-I have the first two (the first one in cloth--which of course means it is too hard to carry about when I am also carrying Set's ASB! Of course every time you mention how much you like it, I think I am going to go home and start it. I still must get back to the Morland Family saga!! I like Elizabeth Chadwick--she is a great historical fiction writer (must not even Think about looking at my books by her I have unread....). Now, I might be tempted by the Whitehouse--I have at least two of her books in my pile, but now I can't remember which ones--probably the earlier books. Anna Mazzola is new to me and The Unseeing sounds very promising...hmm... that one may end up in my virtual shopping cart.... (I DID ask!). ;)

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