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Really interesting post..I enjoyed reading about this era that I have glimpsed the edges of but never put the pieces together.

gina in alabama

Also if ever you get a chance TCM shows a documentary about Weimar Cinema called From Caligari to Hitler and even though it is subtitled, the films discussed are amazing. I had no idea how much our American "Noir" cinema tradition owes to the exiles from Weimar. And Louise Brooks (from Kansas!) was so amazing in her work in the Weimar films of Pabst. She was so natural! You must see the Minnelli film too. It has held up very well since 1972, so many films havent.


How fun! I have never seen Cabaret but I have seen clips of Liza Minnelli performing in it. I should probably watch the whole thing sometime! How wonderful that some many recent things have been set in the same era. They must have blended well to make a nice rich and interesting broth.


I don't know much about it either. I have read lots about England and America in this period, but I know little about post-WWI Germany. It has been interesting and I might have to pursue it more now.


Thanks for the heads up--I will watch for it. I have been looking around thinking my library might have the DVD but so far no luck. Maybe I will try ILL. I have always thought it would be great fun to make a little project of watching silent films, but there are so many--I am not sure I would even know where to begin. I especially like the take on American Noir and learning about where it came from. I have only read one fictional novel about Louise Brooks and she is another interesting subject. See how easily one film or book can lead to a whole bunch more! I can get the Minnelli film--so glad it lives up to its reputation--1972 seems like so very long ago now--not all films can make that claim!


I am so glad I read the script before seeing the musical--it made it even better. The performance was so good--but then I have had lots of good luck with all the shows I have seen. I love it when books and movies and plays all cross paths unexpectedly like they did this time. Though, sometimes it is just a matter of paying attention as it seems to happen even more often than I realize.


How interesting Danielle. I had no idea about Cabaret. Unfortunately because I tend not to be a fan of musicals I've never paid attention. I love how various parts of your life are intersecting on one topic!


I rarely watched musicals when I was younger, but I really do enjoy them now. The Broadway shows I have been going to have all been so good-now I really look forward to going to them. It is fun when all of a sudden lots of things happen at once that are related in some way.

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