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Apple pie, I love apple pie. Sounds like a fun book and perfect seasonal reading


Me, too. I feel like I am walking out of Omaha and into Vermont with this book. Even the trees outside the gym have conveniently all turned a bright yellow. I do think I am going to have to have a piece of apple pie in honor of this book before I finish it--which might be soon as I am making quick work of it! :)


This sounds like a delightful...and delicious read. :) It's got a great setting, too!

Joan Kyler

Look what you made me do! I was trying to just read my own books - but now I've put this book on hold at my library. I lived in New England most of my life and miss it very much. If I'm not living there now, I can at least read about living there. And maybe I'll make an apple pie, too!


This sounds like a fun read! And, you've been good staying away from the library. I feel like this year I've read mainly library books. Goodness, no wonder my stacks don't disappear! :)


I have always wanted to visit the Northeast so I love the descriptions and imagining myself there!


I know...don't you 'hate it' when that happens?! I think you will like it. I am really enjoying it. I would love to visit New England--some day--when the leaves are changing colors! I can totally see why you would miss it there. I am hopeless at pie baking, but I am sure I can by a piece of something yummy and I plan on doing just that before I get too close to the end of the book!


I just seem to drag library books back and forth so I am trying very hard to be more discriminating. If I only read library books I would be happy to request at will, but as I am trying hard to read my own, all those library books just stress me out a little bit. It is totally cool to just read library books, though--I think we all go in phases. And this is very much a fun read!

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