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It has been many years since I read Georges Simenon's Inspector Maigret books, but I can remember liking them very much. It's been so long maybe it's time for a reread.


They are quite entertaining. No-nonsense in a way, just a good solid mystery with a nice dash of atmosphere which is what I think I need right now! I very much like his more psychological novels, too, and will have to pick one up after a little Maigret binge!


Oh and perfect timing to read this book as it's so close to All Soul's Day! I have not read Simenon and I didn't realize he wrote so many books. Wow! Ok, I better start sometime right? Enjoy your "travels" in France!


I'm so glad you like this one! I especially love it because there's a little glimpse into Mr Maigret's past and backstory and this is so unusual. Moulins is supposed to be a little backwater town where everything is boring and nothing much happens. I drove by many times but never stopped.


I like the idea of reading a book not for the Halloween festivities, but for a holiday like All Souls Day. He was quite prolific and I bet you would enjoy his writing. I like both Maigret but also his more psychological stories as well. Isn't it nice to travel places far away through our reading?!


I have not read a lot of Simenon's books but I have enjoyed everything by him I have read. With such a massive output I am sure there must be the odd dud here and there, but they are quite entertaining it seems. I like reading more about Maigret, too. It seems there is not all that much detail generally about his personal life in the stories. I didn't realize Moulins is a real place--you know it is those quiet little backwater towns that have the best crime stories! Miss Marple can probably attest to that! ;)


Sounds like fun. but whoa, wait, what's this reading slump? Did I miss something?


It is just the right book for the moment. Yes, I am having issues with my reading. Too many books started and I cannot seem to finish any. I did manage two whole books this month, though one was a play. I feel like I am reading the same books every day and not making any progress. And it is not a problem with A Suitable Boy--as in all my reading time being spent with it. I rotate. My last RIP read was just meh and I am sort of feeling a little meh about the NYRB that I am finally almost finished reading--last 90 pages! I am not terribly excited about those books and it makes me feel cranky, you know? Slump city.


Oh yes! I totally understand! Hopefully Simenon will help and the plans you have made for the rest of year. You know slumps will end but you can never tell when or how and in the middle of them they are so frustrating. Hang in there!


I think it has been a combination of life being busy and also a little bit stressful and not being able to spend nice chunks of time reading (and being able to really get into a story) and feeling disappointed by what I am reading. When it is a little bit
of reading time and then unsatisfying reading at that...well, slump city. I want something really really good. Something I can get wrapped up in and lose myself, if you know what I mean. A Suitable Boy is really good and the Simenon quite entertaining (and
I know I will finish it soon, which also makes it good). Just need to turn that reading corner!


I wasn't very successful last time I tried Simenon - maybe too much else on and the contrast didn't work.
Keep thinking I must try again but maybe next year as the rest of this one is not shaping up to vintage reading time what with a new baby in the near future ( DV), a big birthday for my other half and a job in retail which means the run up to Christmas will be full on pretty much from the beginning of November!
Going to have to put some real planning into making sure that I get enough reading time to keep me sane!


Was it a Maigret novel or one of his psychological suspense stories? Maybe you could try whichever one you didn't read. I like Maigret--and his romans durs, too. Alas, too much time passes between books, but that seems to happen with all my mystery series. It sounds like you are especially busy right now (did I know your daughter was going to have a baby? Congrats!) and yay for getting a job and hopefully a little extra cash for some splurges (or is that wishful thinking!). I am going to be optimistic that November is going to be a really good reading month! I need literary distractions, too.

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