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I agree with you about Barbara Michaels being a welcome go-to author; her books hardly ever disappoint. I reread my favorites often. And as many books as she did write, I still wish that she had written more. It made me sad when she died. I hate losing the good ones.

Susan E

Love the idea of reading a spooky tale sipping cider. I may even have a Barbara Michaels novel in my stacks....


RIP-lite? this sounds full-tilt RIP to me! Maine coon cats are so great. I used to have an orange one and I still miss him. He is buried in the garden beneath thriving catmint. He could be a real terror sometimes but gosh I loved that cat!


That's a Barbara Michael's I'm not familiar with...will have to check at the library. Don't forget The House of Many's got ghosts AND cross stitch...right up your alley.


I think the Michaels books might be somewhat forumulaic, but she does what she does so well, the books are always a nice treat. They are entertaining and there is always a place for books like that on my night table. She was very prolific, wasn't she? How did she have the stamina since she was an Egyptologist, too!


I know everyone thinks of pumpkin spice lattes (actually I am not a fan--I like coffee and I like pumpkin but not together), it is Apple season for me! I love apples and like them in all their forms--drinking, eating, snacking.... Cider pairs very well with Barbara Michaels novels of suspense!


Well, her books are atmospheric and spooky without being too much over the top if you know what I mean. But the book fit the RIP season perfectly. I don't know if I have ever seen a Maine coon--they look a little wild. I do miss my cats and would be happy having a Maine coon! What a nice gesture to bury him under catmint--what a way for a cat to go....


Oh, I wonder if I have that one. It does sound good. If I don't have it, I obviously need to buy it. Even the title sounds inviting! ;) You have to pick this one up--most enjoyable.


The really really annoying thing is that I have no idea where my copy of The Crying Child is and I SO want to re-read it now - just like I wanted a Maine Coon from first reading it when I was 15 even though they had to be imported from the USA at the time!


I've tempted you?! ;) It is really the perfect book for October. I hope you find your copy! Do you have Maine Coon cats in the UK now? They look pretty rugged, don't they? So much fur, but then it is cold in Maine in the winter!


I think that Maine Coons were officially first introduced into the UK in the 1980's although I knew a woman who swore that her father who had been in the Merchant Navy had first brought some over much earlier than that. The Cat Fancy (feline equivalent to Crufts for dogs) wouldn't accept her claim though so she couldn't register hers officially.
I have been lucky enough to have two, one from the lady I mentioned who wasn't 'official' and cost me a bottle of gin and then a pedigree whose ancestors could be traced back to Maine who cost considerably more than that!
They were both gorgeous boys and I really miss them but unless I somehow become a millionaire, I will be sticking to rescue mogs from now on!


It's interesting to find out how plants and animals move from continent to continent. Hah, a bottle of gin for a cat. Do you think the exchange was a fair one? I had to laugh. What would a cat think, maybe they would get a chuckle out of it. Myself, I would want a good bottle of wine or maybe some mead (which I have just discovered...and worse, discovered I quite like!). I take it Maine Coons must be pricey--at least the pedigreed ones?


Michaels is a perfect choice for a comfort read and especially this season! I just read one too and loved it. I can't remember if I've read this one but will have to add it to my list!


I think it was this one--I saw your post and it thought--we are on the same wavelength! She is a most enjoyable read!!

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