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So easy for characters and small details to get lost or overlooked in such a sprawling book! How are you managing to keep track of everyone? Are you keeping list or is there a cast of characters in the book to help?


Thank goodness for family trees! Yes, the book has them all mapped out at the front of the book and I find myself flipping back there often. I think I will get to a point where I know the characters intimately, but I have yet to be introduced to them all.


Reading this I wonder how it would be to be part of such a big family. Is reading it in reality as suffocating as Lata's experiences make me feel at times?


My family is quite small, too, so I am not sure what it would feel like to have numerous brothers and sisters (I have no brothers) and then spouses and children. I suspect that privacy would be at a minimum and I think it would drive me a little crazy to have the whole family know my business and try and help guide my life. The reading experience is interesting, though. I am now on to a section about religious relations and riots so the story has taken a rather different turn and so am feeling it all open out rather than close in on the personal, if that makes sense.

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