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Your review made me think off a novel I read years ago. About that same period in India.
Problem is I can't for the world remember a title. And that's a problem as I can't stop thinking about it... Maybe E.M. Forster's A Passage to India but somehow that doesn't sound true. Help...:)


You go Danielle! I am glad the book is turning out to be so good!


Now you have me curious about what it is? ;) Do you remember the author's name or the general storyline? I am sort of 'into' books about India at the moment. I have several other books I would like to read, but I had best rein in too much enthusiasm since A Suitable Boy is such a massive book. I have yet to read that Forester novel, but I have been thinking of it, too. Rumer Godden also wrote several novels set in India. Or maybe MM Kaye?


It's weird how much I am enjoying it (maybe not weird at all) since it was the love story that was the initial draw into the book. But it is one of those sweeping narratives. I do look forward to Lata walking back on stage, however!

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