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Buried In Print

Or seven or ten, or twenty? If eighty was an option on a given day, surely you could add a small stack when the proceeds go to such a worthy cause? Enjoy! :)


Eighty it is. Not over 150 as I thought it would be. Eighty is impressive too though. On the other hand, I can very well see why you fell for these. They look attractive if not gorgeous. 2017 is definitely a year to look forward to.


I haven't added to the pile, but I have not yet paid either.... Actually a couple might go back as I need to carefully consider which ones I probably won't read even though they look tempting. Still I'd say I have less than $10 in the pile, so not too much of a splurge.


I think with the additions of the other books that were added after the set came out, there might be around 124 or so, so you are not too far off in that other number. And maybe they have even added more. I can't seem to find updated information. Still 80 will keep me Really busy so I must not be too greedy. I do like the idea of such small books to get a taste in some cases but in others the full work. It will be fun exploring the books!

Sam Sattler

Those things have a great look. I wish I had the shelf space to house that kind of series, as to get the maximum impact from their appearance, they really need to be shelved as a group. Are you going to be able to keep them together and on shelves?

Love the photos. You are about to be even more well-read than you already are.


Oh! I'm green with envy!


Wow, they look so pretty! Did they come packed in one huge box? Herodotus is a hoot! I hope they give you one of the more fantastical bits from The Histories.


I couldn't settle on just one picture--it's so pretty from so many angles--but then I am a nerd that way! I think for now they will stay in their box but they will indeed look nice on a shelf--which at the moment I don't have, at least free shelf. I need to do some serious organizing and a little weeding (I hate that word...), but they will definitely stay together. I keep all my Viragos, Persephones, Melville novellas, NYRBs and little Penguin series books all together--and I know you will understand why!!


This was a very serious splurge on my part. No more little personal treats least until (fingers crossed) I get a gift card for the holidays. ;)


Don't they look great together?! They came in a box just that size with bubble wrap around the case and all shrinkwrapped. I wonder if the outside box came from the publisher? The moment I saw it sitting there I knew just what it was-so distinct in shape. I am so excited to try all these books--The Histories always looked so serious and a little intimidating--I am happy to hear it is fun! I will let you know what they chose to publish!


Wow how pretty that row of little penguins look!


Your happiness fairly leaps off the page! Bookish mail is the BEST. Those little books are darling, and just the right size to tuck into a purse. What a great way to get back into reading classics.


What a wonderful book treat! I am sure you are going to have so much fun reading through these. I didn't realize they had so much variety - also including poetry & plays! That's really cool.


Aren't they lovely? I am a sucker for nicely designed books that sit so well on shelves like these. Penguins are always nicely designed books!


It's hard not to be thrilled opening a box that has so many books all at once!! 80!!! :) I am almost finished with my first choice and have picked my second book. This is going to be dangerous, though, as I have ordered the full Decameron after reading the selections--they were great fun to read!


I didn't realize when I ordered the set that it *was* so varied. I was thinking it was all just fiction, but it is a pleasant surprise indeed. Something for whatever mood I am in, I think!

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