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This sounds wonderful. I love the cover illustration, too. I look for NYRB books (along with Viragos) when I'm in a used book store, since they seem to publish such interesting books.


I did struggle with it at times, but overall I liked it very much and think it is a very worthy read. I do love NYRBs and am making an effort to get the rest of my subscription books read before the end of the year. We'll see as there are four of them at the moment....

Buried In Print

Look at those NYRB titles just flying off your reading stacks now. :)


There is something fascinating about hotels, isn't there? so many people from so many places all with their own story. You'll have to let us know what you think of the movie when you see it!


I AM just zipping right along with them--do you see them all on my 'finished' sidebar list? Granted one was just a feel like reading book (Tove Jansson) rather than a subscription, but it was in my 2016 plans, it works well, too!


I wonder if I can find it streaming somewhere since my DVD player up and died on me!! I do find reading about trains and subways and hotels really interesting since you are thrown together with such a great cross section of people! You wonder what people's 'stories' are!


Again a novel I read too, long ago. I don't remember the storyline but I remember the author's name. Vicki Baum, might even have read it in German come to think of it, indeed very long ago. I love what you write about the notes she made about characters in a little book to be used finally in this novel. It brings the author very much to life.

her characters developed over the years.


I'm afraid I pressed 'send' to soon. What I meant to say is So she so to speak painted little portraits of people she observed from very early on, and developed them over the years. I always think it kind of special when an author says to have known all life he/she wanted to write. She certainly did too.


I saved the intro to the book for the very end and was most intrigued by her life. I had no idea how she came about forming the characters, but it is very cool that she saved these impressions of people she met or saw over time and they all came together in various ways to create her cast. Each one has their own special backstory! I think she wrote quite a lot and my library actually has a number of her books, but unfortunately most are in German. I wonder if NYRB will reissue more of her work. I think she was quite famous and popular in her day! Have you see the film version?

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