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I, also, have read all of the Maisie books. I very much enjoyed the early ones but found a lot of distractions in the latter ones. Masie got very introspective, philosophical, self-righteous, maudlin, and feeling very sorry for herself, causing angst to friends and family. Hopefully the plots will return to more mystery solving.
It's not that I don't enjoy a novel like Isabel Dolhousie, who is Miss Interpreter of Everyone and Everything. Just preferred earlier Masies!


I agree that the last few have been more on the heavy and dark side than I prefer, too. I don't mind that it has been lots on her personal life, but she has certainly been through a lot over the course of several books now, and I am ready for a more traditional Maisie mystery. There has indeed been a whole lot of angst--to be expected but I do hope it is time to move on as well! I really do mean to try those Isabel Dolhousie mysteries by the way--I keep thinking about picking up the first but then never seeming to get around to it when I have the chance at home! :)


Sounds like a good one. I've only read one and enjoyed it but I get too distracted by other books to commit to such a long series!


Everyone should read at least One Maisie Dobbs mystery! ;) I get distracted easily, too, which is why I have only read all the books in This series, even though I follow....well, more than I can count! Oh to have endless reading time!


I have read a few of the Maisie Dobbs books, including the one set in Spain. It does feel like the series has been building up to WWII so I am looking forward to reading about her espionage activities.


You are in for a treat then, as this is next up and the one coming in March of 2017 will be right at the start of Hitler's power. I think Maisie may stay on British soil, at least for the next story, and she may get back to more of a sleuthing role, but I think she will also serve her country via the secret service, too, since Maurice Blanche trained her for it, and she is nothing if not pragmatic. I do hope some of the personal anguish is now working its way out of her system. I also think Winspear has been slowly working her way up to this moment and with the war it opens all sorts of new ground for Maisie, which is a good thing since I love these books and hope there are many more to come!


I too am a maisie fan AND I am a series junkie! I enjoy the extended connection with the characters as long as the standards of writing and plotting are maintained. Jacqueline Winspear's stand alone novel is well worth the read...


I think I've read four or five of the Maisie Dobbs stories, and while I like them, I have to take them in smaller doses as they feel somewhat heavy to me and there is very little humor in them. Not a criticism, just an observation. I've often thought that the years that spanned both World Wars would have been a sad and depressing time to be alive--and I expect this series reflects that somewhat. That said, I plan to continue to read the series until I catch up!


Isabel is not true mystery--the mystery is rather a secondary story to how Isabel handles this and that situation as she aims to solve the plot!


I don't mind that really--sometimes it is the characters' story that keeps me coming back to a series! She sounds like fun!


I like to watch how a character develops and how a cast of characters interacts over time, too. And Maisie has surely trodden quite a path! There is certainly no stagnation there! ;) Good to hear you liked her standalone--I am looking forward to it--though likely won't get to it until next year.


I totally understand what you mean--some of the later books are very much heavy going--between Maisie's WWI experiences and all the things she goes through later on. She has no luck when it comes to her personal life and always feels it heavily. They are good books to pick up now and again--I have been reading them as they come out and then have a year between books, so it works out well. Not sure I could read them all back to back!


I love this series. Its one of my absolute favorites. I can't wait for the next book. I've read all the books several times, but enjoy each re-read. I may just have to take them out again before the new one comes out next year. Like you, I hope Maisie once again returns to life in London with her family and friends.


I can't think of a single Maisie novel I *didn't* like and some I have enjoyed even more than others. I was so pleased when she finally committed relationship-wise and now we are (she is...) back to rebuilding. I do hope that Billy and her father and stepmother and the Comptons all come back into her life and into the next novel. I can't wait to get my hands on it! As much as I love those forays into more exotic destinations I am happy she is returning to London, too.


Not having been too well I am quite behind reading your latest posts. I will try to catch up over the coming week I hope. Which will include a long weekend for you if I am not mistaken :).
What a nice start though to resume my reading: Winspear. I love the way Winspear weaves history through her stories and this sounds like a particulary good one. I don't think I've read one mystery series (or crime for that matter) completely. I once started Ian Rankin's Rebus series, did read quite a few of them I remember.


Never any worries--I know you drop by when you can and I always love the comments you leave. I do hope you are better and the weather is not bringing you down--it has turned quite chilly and rainy (today) here. And yay, yes, just today and half a work day tomorrow and then a break. I am hoping to have a few very long stretches of reading and/or stitching time. The Maisie books are a very nice combination of history, suspense and character subplots. I like them immensely. I keep meaning to read a Rebus book--I have stacks of mysteries and they all look SO good--I never quite know where to start.

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