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Happy Thanksgiving! Your brownies sound scrumptious. Chocolate is good any time, I think. Enjoy your reading. The short story advent calendar looks lovely--a real treasure. You really have a knack for finding interesting reading! I was tempted by your description, but will resist...for now...maybe next year.


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great long weekend!


I would not be disappointed to see chocolate pecan caramel brownies on the dessert table. Hope you and your family had a delightful holiday and that your break is relaxing and refreshing. I cooked dinner for my husband, son, and father-in-law yesterday, and we had a nice day. I made a cranberry apple pie, which was a big hit. I love pie and rarely make it as I am the only one in the family who really likes it. I also finished reading The City Baker's Guide to Country Life yesterday, and enjoyed it very much. A great start to a four-day weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving - or, maybe, by now I should say Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. I'm sure yours was made all-the-tastier for your contributions were appreciated. My niece always brings whatever is new in Crate and Barrel chocolate as well as chocolate/sea salt covered caramels, knowing they will put me in a state of pure bliss. Enjoy your reading, relaxing, and wherever this long weekend takes you.


I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday, Danielle! Your brownies sound delicious. I've definitely been enjoying the extra days of rest :)


I hope that you have had a lovely long weekend and got plenty of reading done!
Those brownies sound just gorgeous but then anything with chocolate and pecans is always a winner with me - add a big mug of tea, a cosy warm chair and a good book and that would be pure bliss!


Lauritzen Gardens looks gorgeous! What a nice place to be able to go. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and lots of reading time!


Hope you had a great holiday, too! I think chocolate goes with everything also! :) I am looking forward to breaking into my advent calendar--just two days to go! I will update on how it is going (so maybe you can put it on your wishlist for 2017!).


Thanks--why do those free days go by so quickly? I swear they feel more like 12 hours than 24!


Brownies are generally a crowd pleaser in my family! :) The long weekend went by far too fast and I feel like I did not read anywhere at all as much as I was hoping to....but I did see two movies and hit the bookstore so I should not really complain. Your cranberry apple pie sounds delicious--all the ingredients I enjoy. Wasn't The City Baker a fun festive read? So glad you liked it.


Thanks Penny--I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too. Oh, Crate and Barrel always has good stuff--your niece would be a most welcome guest, I think. Chocolate sea salt caramels are yummy, I agree. I wish I had had more reading time, but then I guess I am never satisfied on the reading front. ;)


Glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend, too. I don't make the brownies too often (too decadent), but they are a nice holiday splurge.


Me, too, on the chocolate front. I try and limit myself to a small square of dark chocolate on occasion (I mean dark chocolate is pretty much a health food, right?), but you have to splurge once in a while, right? I was hoping to spend more time reading and actually Finish something, but oh well. I finally read the section of the Gerald Durrell book about the match box incident and it was indeed laugh out loud funny. I literally did laugh out loud!


You would love it there. If you are ever in Omaha, you have to go. I keep thinking that on the coldest, snowiest day I am going to go to the conservatory, to the top level and bask in the warmth and humidity! :) Why do those long weekends fly by so quickly??!!

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