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I was looking at the edges on your wrap marveling how neat they are. Very nice! Your heart looks great and will be really pretty when you finish it. I have probably said it before but I love those colors.


Possibly it is a contradiction but I think your scarecrow is quite cute and your weaving amazing, it certainly doesn't look like a beginner's work.


There are some not so neat sections of this weaving (especially in that lacey work but then I am learning so I will cut myself some slack-lol). But I am impressed by how neat my edges are looking--it can be hard getting the tension right and consistently so. I love that heard design--hence my stitching it for a second time. And those warm colors are very inviting!


Now that you say it, I guess it is a contradiction to have a cute scarecrow, but I think he is pretty cute, too! I love fall, so I am enjoying stitching this sampler! I have shared the nicer part of the weaving-am being rather selective in what I show! We can call my work--intermediate beginning! :)


Your weaving looks fantastic--it seems so complicated to me that I marvel at what you've done. I think it's great that you're learning something like this that stretches you outside your normal activities, and it sounds like you're getting some exposure to a different culture as well. I love the cross stitch pieces, too, especially that little heart. I agree with Stefanie--love those colors.


Thanks--I am getting better at it--it has really taken some time to wrap my brain around the weaving process and at first I was ready to give up as I found the shifting of threads so confusing. I am still very challenged by the process, but in a good way. It is definitely a good thing for your brain to learn something new and stretch it in ways that you normally do not stretch it--part of why I love taking classes so much. I am very pleased with my second version of the Quaker heart and love the color combinations, too! I want to try and finish it by the end of the year!


The weaving sound so complicated but your results are looking wonderful! I bet that is such a great experience to work with those ladies. And, of course your stitching projects are also lovely - I love the figures of the Scarecrow and Santa/Elf? So whimsical!


It feels like it is getting a little easier the more I learn--like every creative endeavor I guess! It is really interesting to try an communicate with the ladies--several are taking English classes and I think they like practicing with us students. The scarecrow is quite cute, I think. I really need to work on those little winter scenes. I think it might be a little boy or elf pulling the sled, which will be more obvious when I add to the stitching on those!

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