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Thanks for the recap!! I hope you can find this copy of Joanne Harris' stories, because I had a hard time choosing which ones I would send you. Most of them are pretty good in my opinion.


yay! I am so glad you short story exchange is working out! Some good stories! You know I don;t read many short stories but I can say I have read the entirety of that Mantel collection! I quite liked them.


I love this concept of short story exchange. My experience of reading short stories are very few and far between (I adore Katherine Mansfield and Alice Munro though), so these are some great books to add to my TBR.


Glad to hear the Harris collection is a good one, but from my first taste of her short story writing, I think I will enjoy the rest. I was just thinking of reading one of her novels--did you ever read Gentlemen and Players? She wrote a further two books that I believe can be read in tandem.


What a great idea and I am so glad you mentioned what you and Cath are doing. It is fun to know a couple of surprise stories are jetting their way to me from Paris! I like the randomness and trying something new. I want to read more of Hilary Mantel's work, so this was a nice taste!


It is fun and if you ever want to give it a go, do drop me an email and we can do a story exchange as well! I love both Katherine Mansfield and Alice Munro, but I have found so many more very good short story writers out there and very much enjoy the short story format!

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