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I've enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy and look forward to the last.


I so want to read this book! I've had it on my list for ages it seems. I've yet to read Smiley either even though I have managed to collect a couple of her books -- Greenlanders and another on I can't remember which. Sigh. So much good stuff to read!


I really liked the first one as well and already have sunk into the story of the second book. I hope to read the last one this year still!


I have been 'collecting' her as well and this was the first of her books I have read. I like her very much and I think you would enjoy the books as well. I think Greenlanders might have been my first of the Smiley books, too. I would like to read Thousand Acres and is it, Moo, that is set in academia? Eventually....


I've only read one Jane Smiley book and for some reason just not have looked for more of her novels. This sounds very good.


So many books--I feel like I have totally missed out on so many good American authors who I really *should* have read--I wonder sometimes what on earth AM I reading? Then again, I read all the time, so it is just a matter of time and I am sure it is the same with you. She is very good, though, and I hope to read more by her at some point.

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