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I finished it and it was so gripping. I'd like to warn you though - there are a few gruesome bits that got to me. But it's very well done, very suspenseful and the characters of the detectives are likable.
She's written a few more in German, so they might get translated.
I think it's one of the most suspenseful crime novels I've read in a while. If you like it, don't miss Erebos because that was even better.


I was afraid there might be some gruesome parts--what I have read so far has not been bad, but thanks for the warning. Any story involving body parts is likely to make me a little squeamish. That said, I very much like Bea and Florin and I can see that this is going to be fast and pacy and well told, so I am glad you suggested it. I need some good books after last month's rather lackluster reading. I have duly added Erebos to my list and may have to find a good used copy of it--even if I don't get to it this month.


I read this book last year and really liked it; I thought the mystery was psychologically intense with some unexpected twists in it, which I like, and I thought Beatrice was a great main character. I keep hoping Ursula Archer will write another book with her in it soon. :)


I can see where this story will be intense! I am already very caught up in and I really like Beatrice, too. It is always reassuring when I hear others have enjoyed a book I am now reading, by the way! Yes, fingers crossed Ursula Archer continues on with Bea and Florin. I wonder how I missed this book--apparently I am not paying so much attention to good new crime books as I should be!


Wow, that's some beginning! Definitely gets your attention. Bea sounds like a great character. I am a fan of hot chocolate and cake too though not together, that gets to be too much sugar for me.


How funny to think I read about a cake indulgence yesterday and today Bea is finding body parts... oh my! I think I would have to wash down chocolate cake with something a little less sweet, too. But I like that she has her shortcomings! ;)


Ok, I'm hooked - I want to know more! Hope this is a great one and look forward to your review of it.


I am hooked on this one. I bet you would like it, too, since you are also a crime reader. And I always like reading books set in other countries. You'll have to look for it!

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