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Buried In Print

You've already tempted me into adding this to my TBR, but I'm doubly keen on it now. The NYRB subscription always sounds so wonderful: enjoy!


I don't feel like I wrote about it in a way that is as appealing as the story turned out to be, but I think you will like it when you get to it. I love my NYRBs and have had a big serving of them of late--I need to pick the next one that I am going to tackle before the end of the year . . . there are still three or four plus whatever shows up in my mailbox for December (which I am trying to find out ahead of time what it is.... ;) ).


I've been waiting for you to read this book ever since I first heard about it. I thought it sounded it interesting but wasn't sure but you have now settled it. It's going on my TBR!


How very interesting. I'm very tempted by the NYRB subscription, though heaven knows I don't need any more books. In the meantime, I'll enjoy reading about your experiences with them.


Careful...if you subscribe you will be hooked! ;) I love getting my NYRB every month. I have even done reasonably well this year in reading almost all the books--I might still manage to finish a couple more. I am excited that I have already renewed for next year--I will always be assured of a little book mail anyway!


Hey...I think my reply got eaten up--how dare Typepad!! Oh well, basically I just replied that I think you will like it very much! Now I am going to try and get my hands on the novella he wrote that was translated, too! Maybe they will publish more of his work over here now!


I'm always tempted to sign up for a subscription after I read about your finds! I've never heard of this author but definitely sounds like one to discover.


Someday, you will have to splurge! It is fun--even when I fall behind, like I have this year.... :) Definitely he is an author to watch for--I hope they translate more of his work into English!

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