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I think I would like this book; it sounds like it was only recently translated into English and newly available.


So much packed into such a short book! You clearly enjoyed this one and it was fun to read your take on the story.


It is one of those new Penguin reissues and the translation is very good. I always know a translation works when I don't even realize or think of the story as having been written in any other language. I really enjoyed the mystery and liked the unusual take on the story! Definitely one I can recommend.


Yes, I didn't think I had that much to say about it, to be honest but then I was writing away and saw how much I had written and thought I had better stop! LOL. I like mysteries like this one--fun to read, light-ish and very well put together!


I'm with you, I do love it when my mysteries take me to other places! One of these days I will finally get to Maigret. I think I'm missing out!


Maigret is great. If you like Miss Marple you will like Maigret, but he has a nice international flare to him I think you will appreciate!

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